How to Fix the Base Board Heater without your Toolbox

Homeowners have a quick and easy way to solve their base board issues. How to fix the base board heater is as easy as using NeatHeat.

how to fix the base board heaterNobody wants to leave work on a Friday after a long 40+ hour week to spend their weekend dealing with an obnoxious renovation at home. However, many homeowners will do just that, spending over two days of their personal time grinding away at getting a rework completed.

Home renovations are a part of the deal of owning property, and some of these tasks that need to be completed are simpler to face than others. That’s why it’s fairly common for a homeowner that believes they are in over their head to hire a professional contractor.

After all, your time is valuable: you spend all sorts of time at a job to pay for the house and you’ve only got so much personal time after factoring in other various responsibilities such as cooking and cleaning. So as a homeowner, you want to waste as little time as possible.

So why not just give every single renovation to a contractor? The problem is contractors are an expense, and sometimes it’s just a lot smarter to roll up your sleeves, pull out the toolbox, and get the job done yourself.

Base Board Heaters: Why are they so Frustrating?

One of the more common renovations homeowners deal with is painting, as it’s both cosmetic and practical, and occurs on both the inside and outside of the home. If you’re good at painting and have the time to do it, there’s no reason not to get a room repainted over a weekend.

However, if other priorities arise and you have to paint the exterior of your large house before winter sets in, it’s not a bad idea to hire a contractor. Either way, the key is getting the job done right.

If your paint job is done well, it’s going to last years before needing to be redone, but subpar work will not produce much in longevity. Renovations with zero longevity are frustrating, and that’s why no homeowner likes dealing with their base board.

Trying to take apart each and every strip of base board in your home, cleaning or repainting all the parts, and putting it all together can take the better part of your weekend. Coming back to that base board in a short period of months because they rusted, dented, and got scratched is both frustrating and disheartening.

How to Fix the Base Board Heater Quick and Easy

So how to fix the base board heater without spending all sorts of time and aggravation constantly? Luckily for homeowners everywhere, a recent, simple solution has come into play.

Putting a base board cover over your heater is a great idea because the cover snaps on in seconds, is easy to maintain, and can provide a much sleeker, unique look for your base board. So what kind of cover should you use?

The best answer is NeatHeat’s covers, because they are the only covers made of a composite polymer. This means they’re not going to rust, chip, or dent, solving just about every issue you’re going to have with your metal base board.

NeatHeat covers snap over the base board in seconds, meaning your work is essentially done in the time it takes to microwave leftovers. If you want to clean the covers, just pop them off and use some house products to give them a quick clean.

It’s tough figuring out how to fix the base board heater, but NeatHeat is the fast, easy solution to your problems. To learn more about NeatHeat, click here.