How Reconditioning your Baseboard can be Simple

What are the challenges in reconditioning your baseboard, and how can NeatHeat make it easy?

reconditioning your baseboardAny gasfitter or home renovator will tell you that dealing with base board is easily one of the more annoying cosmetic renovations to deal with. Many a homeowner will complain about walking into a room and seeing the rust, outdated base board lining the walls along the floors.

The challenge is that base board is everywhere in your house and is absolutely a necessity, especially for homeowners living in the northern regions during the winter.

Hot water baseboard heaters produce energy through the heating elements, but to protect the homeowner from the glowing hot element, material had to be installed that could provide a good heated air flow without being damaging to the touch.

The metal used in base board is advantageous because it provides a good flow of heat to the house, but in the process it is conducting so much raw heat energy that it oxidizes and gets rusty way too fast.

Issues when Reconditioning your Baseboard

No homeowner wants to deal with rust, because unlike standard filth it takes a lot of elbow grease and scrubbing to get rid of. Add in the fact that the base board is everywhere in the house and you’ve got to take apart the base board to get to all of the rust, and you’ve got a frustrating, long rework to deal with.

Another issue with baseboard is that they tend to get kicked and bumped into often, especially by moving furniture around. Many homeowners have furniture like chairs butted up against the baseboard, leaving behind dents and scratches that are very difficult to remove.

All in all, homeowners can spend the better part of their weekend trying to renovate their base board just to have to deal with it again in a short span of time.

You as a homeowner only have so much spare time to dedicate to reworks; a full time job and other personal responsibilities including other home reworks limit your free time. So how do you deal with reconditioning your baseboard without spending all sorts of wasted time and money?

Why Use NeatHeat?

Most homeowners resolve simply to ignore the problem, but there’s a much better, easier solution in the form of using NeatHeat’s covers. These covers snap right on over base board and can even replace most of the metal base board parts, reconditioning your baseboard in seconds.

NeatHeat covers are made of a composite polymer, so they’re not going to rust, chip, or dent, and they are designed with titanium dioxide so they won’t yellow or fade in color over time. In addition, they’ve been thermally conditioned to not melt or offset gas well below the operating temperatures of the home.

NeatHeat covers include six and four foot parts that can be extended with a splice plate or cut with home tools like a hack saw or chop saw. The corner pieces and end caps hold the lines of NeatHeat firmly in place, ensuring the covers don’t go anywhere.

However, you can still snap off the end caps and remove the base board strips in seconds, making it easy to clean the parts. All you need for cleaning is household products, and repainting is simple with polymer-based spray paints found at your average hardware store.

NeatHeat makes reconditioning your baseboard quick and easy; to learn more, click here.