Three Reasons why you should get a Baseboard Cover

What NeatHeat does to save you time and money: why you should get a baseboard cover.

why you should get a baseboard coverThere’s no easy way to keep your home perfect all of the time, but many homeowners consider it their duty to get as close as possible anyways. Homes are incredibly valuable pieces of property anybody owns, and whether you pay someone to do it or take the time yourself to, keeping the home in top notch shape is a priority.

This is incredibly prevalent in the summer when getting the gardening, mowing, and outdoor work done, but many homeowners do work to prepare for the winter, which tends to make renovations harder to accomplish.

For example, a lot of homeowners like to clean their baseboard and the heating element to be as thermally efficient as possible; however, hot water baseboard heaters are not easy to clean and keep clean.

How Hot Water Baseboard Heaters Work

Basically, hot water baseboard heaters are magnets for both dust and rust, two of the biggest detractors to the look of a home. In addition, homeowners have to try to solve problems with dents and scratches, which are not easy to fix, and do all of this in a weekend is not easy.

Taking apart the entirety of the baseboard in your house is both time consuming and frustrating, and then you have to put everything back together again as well. However, there are better ways to deal with your baseboard, making your life easier but also making your heaters look good in general.

Many homeowners want to know why you should get a baseboard cover if they will cost money, and the answer is simple: what is your time worth? Do you want to spend a full weekend every once in a bit redoing your baseboard, or do you want to solve your problems effectively using a good looking cover?

Why you Should Get a Baseboard Cover from NeatHeat

NeatHeat’s baseboard covers answer all your problems by giving you a solution that doesn’t rust, doesn’t get dented, doesn’t show scratches, and does not yellow or fade in color over time. NeatHeat is considered the most effective solutions for homeowners because all you have to do is snap all of the parts on, and you’re done.

There’s no extra labor you have to do; the covers stay fairly clean and look good, but you can still clean or repaint them as frequently as you want. All you’d need to do is pop the pieces off and spend a few minutes with spray paint or household cleaners, and the task is completed.

Plus, NeatHeat covers are considered thermally efficient since they provide heat through convection instead of conduction, which has more loss in heat involved. NeatHeat covers can be installed in minutes, as the six foot and four foot pieces snap right on over the existing parts and can be extended with a splice plate or shortened by using a hack saw or chop saw.

In addition, end caps top the entire deal off by keeping the pieces firmly in place. If your baseboard rounds a corner, there are corner pieces as well, and if there is piping or flooring by the end caps, they can be scored and snapped to make them easier to install.

NeatHeat’s covers are the ultimate solution to any baseboard problems, and they can last a lifetime! To learn more about why you should get a baseboard cover, click here.