Why Use NeatHeat when Renovating your Home’s Baseboard?

Why is covering your baseboard the better option than cleaning or repainting? Why use NeatHeat?

why use neatheatOwning a residence is no picnic, no matter who you are. Even if it’s your full time job to manage residences as an apartment owner or property owner, it’s incredibly challenging to get all of the work done that you need done.

Homeowners have a little different struggle where they have to juggle their forty hour workweeks and other responsibilities with taking care of their homes, and weekends often become the time to do that. November often becomes the time to prepare for the winter weather soon to arrive, while March to April ends up being the spring cleaning phase.

However, it can be a pain spending a full weekend on getting your home redone, especially when you get bogged down on just one or two jobs. Property owners consider this work necessary and worth it simply because once they’re done, they don’t have to worry about it for a while.

What Makes a Home Renovation Frustrating?

Or do they? With baseboard heaters, the game changes; heaters tend to oxidize quickly, making the longevity of your renovation becomes an obnoxious factor. Many a homeowner has spent a full weekend taking apart each piece on each strip of baseboard in a house, cleaning or repainting them, and putting everything together.

After that exhausting work, imagine the homeowner’s chagrin after a few short weeks when they notice the rust beginning to set, the dust settling all over the top of the heater, and the dents and scratches that heaters just seem to attract. The fact of the matter is, there’s no magic fix that’ll make your baseboard heaters not oxidize or get dusty or disgusting.

Many a homeowner has a heater so damaged that the plates that protect the heating element aren’t even there, leaving a hot element exposed and incredibly unsafe. It’s obvious that homeowners need something that gets their baseboard heater in good shape, but what can they use?

A baseboard cover is considered the ideal solution no matter what the problem; it can cover up or replace the plates on your baseboard heater and can be much easier to renovate. However, there are a wide variety of options; so which do you pick?

Why Use NeatHeat?

The solution is NeatHeat: many homeowners may be wondering why use NeatHeat? The answer is simple: their covers are made of a composite polymer specifically designed to never rust, chip, dent, or yellow or fade in color.

This means that NeatHeat’s covers have been designed at a chemical level to never be damaged the way 99% of baseboard heaters are damaged! The question homeowners like to ask next is “What about the dust?”

NeatHeat is an attractive option because their covers are easy to install, uninstall, and maintain. This means that if they get dirty in any way, all you have to do is pop them off and, since they are a polymer, any household cleaners will take off dirt, dust, and filth almost instantly!

In addition, NeatHeat’s covers are paintable with a spray paint for polymers found just about anywhere, meaning you can pop the covers off, bring them to the garage, and a couple minutes later your covers are a fresh new color.

NeatHeat covers are also designed to replace the front plate; in fact, if you don’t like the idea of having your heater parts underneath the cover, you can remove them before installing NeatHeat. All you need to install is the clips at the bottom and the back plate above the element, and they will act as an effective protection!

Why use NeatHeat? The answer is simple: NeatHeat is the ultimate baseboard renovation tool, designed in such a way that you never have to spend a full weekend struggling with your baseboard again. To learn more about why use NeatHeat, click here.