Why use Baseboard Covers to Solve your Heater Issues?

When you’re renovating your home, it’s a guarantee that the baseboard heaters are going to give you issues. So why use baseboard covers?

why use baseboard coversDuring the end of the winter, it comes time for homeowners to transition into the spring, getting their spring cleaning done and getting some renovations accomplished on their home that they couldn’t complete easily in the winter.

Many homeowners end up spending their spring weekends working outside on the home and lawn and such, while others are inside painting, remodeling a room, or just accomplishing a really good clean of the entire home. It’s a common issue for a homeowner to come across something like their baseboard and end up tackling this particular job for far longer than they intended.

Many frustrated cleaners will even take the time to take apart the baseboard to get every piece cleaned off, which becomes incredibly time consuming. Baseboard is everywhere in a home, lining most of the walls in the rooms in a home, and they are not an easy task to take on for numerous reasons.

However, many homeowners will do this cleaning because they believe, like the other renovations they accomplish, that it will stay looking good for a while. The problem with baseboard heaters is that they are metal, which oxidizes, and they also produce a lot of heat energy fast, especially during the winter.

Renovating your Baseboard Heaters and the Challenges Behind Them

Because of this, they tend to get very rusty within a few short months. The other frustration is that baseboard heaters seem to attract damage: they get kicked, scratched, dented, and disgusting in many different ways that can be hard to deal with.

There are no easy ways to physically renovate your baseboard heaters without them getting filthy fast, and the work you can do to renovate them simply isn’t worth the longevity of the renovation. To that end, many homeowners will seek the alternative of using a baseboard cover, which can be a lot more convenient to use.

Some may ask why use baseboard covers simply because they don’t see the advantage to covering up a heater that can get disgusting. Baseboard covers are a lot easier to install and maintain over time, look better, and some baseboard covers will even replace the front plate of baseboard heaters!

Why Use Baseboard Covers from NeatHeat?

This is the advantage to NeatHeat, the ultimate baseboard cover made up of a composite polymer. The convenience of them being a polymer is that polymers do not ever rust so no matter what you don’t have to worry about dealing with cleaning off rust.

In addition, they don’t get dented and do not show scratches easily due to their continuous white color. Because they are a composite polymer and have been modified, they will not melt or offset gas well below the operating temperatures of the home, and they will not yellow or fade in color as time goes on, making them the ultimate permanent renovation.

NeatHeat’s cover system consists of 6 foot and 4 foot pieces, which can be extended using a splice plate and shortened by cutting them with a hack saw or chop saw.

In addition, the corner pieces and end caps are used to hold the system in place, and all of these pieces just snap right on, even if you’re missing the front plate. In fact, all you need is the back piece and the clips and NeatHeat will install easily.

There are a host of advantages to using NeatHeat; to learn more about why use baseboard covers, click here.