Why use Base Board Heater Covers from NeatHeat?

What are the problems homeowners deal with when it comes to base board? Why use base board heater covers instead?

why use base boardSpending a lot of your free time keeping your house looking great can be incredibly rewarding personally, but it’s also a smart move fiscally. You want the place you spend all of your free time at to look good, but the home is the most valuable piece of property you own and maintaining its value is a good idea in the long run, especially if you inevitably need to sell it.

However, home maintenance is no easy feat to pull off considering homeowners spend a lot of time at work and dealing with other personal responsibilities. You’ve only got so much time in the day to pull off renovation work along with other responsibilities, which is why many homeowners will end up doing their renovation work on the weekends or on weeknights if they have time.

Many homeowners will either spend a lot of time or a lot of money accomplishing renovations with the endgame of getting the longest lasting renovation possible. To get a long lasting renovation, homeowners need to either spend a lot of their free time and make sure they get the job done right, or they spend a lot of money to get a really good contractor to get the job done.  

The Ups and Downs of Home Renovation

Either way, the goal with costly renovations like repainting is that they last an incredibly long time, but that doesn’t always work out with some tasks. For instance, cleaning base board can be a very frustrating task since you can’t easily clean base board without taking them apart, strip by strip.

The metal base board is attached to the wall and you’ve got to take apart each of the pieces so you can clean off all of the rust, dust, and other sorts of filth before you put it all back together again.

The issue homeowners run into is that they’ve got to get rid of dents and scratches, which is very common with base board, and once you clean it, especially the rust, it’s just going to happen again within a short period of time.

The heating element produces a lot of energy at any given time which gets conducted by the metal base board parts; this means they’re going to oxidize very quickly. But why use base board when you can use heater covers instead, which can act as a cover but also can replace the base board heaters?

Why Use Base Board Covers from NeatHeat?

Using base board covers from NeatHeat guarantees the ideal renovation for your base board; NeatHeat covers snap right on over the existing base board, even if there are parts damaged or missing. In fact, as long as you’ve got the back plate and the clips in the front, NeatHeat’s covers snap right on over the heating element.

The covers are made of a composite polymer so they don’t rust, chip, or dent, and they are thermally conditioned to not melt or offset heat well below the operating temperatures of the home. In addition, they’ve been designed to not yellow or fade in color over time the way standard polymers do, and they are very easy to clean or repaint over time.

Simply uninstall the covers and either use household cleaner products or spray paint for polymers and you can get the job done in minutes. To learn more about why use base board from NeatHeat, click here.