Why use a Baseboard Cover instead of Cleaning your Heater?

Some homeowners would rather just do the work themselves; why isn’t this effective? Why use a baseboard cover?

why use a baseboard coverYour average residence owner isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and take to the task at hand to get work done. This is evident by the home maintenance they usually do; after all, a homeowner has to constantly clean, garden, rake leaves, paint, and do other tasks that are necessary to prevent the house from losing its value.

99% of the time they boil it down to one of two options: hire someone to do the work for them or to do the work themselves. After all, time is money, so they’re either spending a lot of money hiring someone or spending a lot of time doing the work themselves.

A lot of renovation work is just easier to do yourself though, especially if you’ve got a free weekend and can save yourself a huge sum of money. However, home renovations always reach a point where the value of your time has to be weighed out, and baseboard heaters are a good example here.

The Process of Renovating your Baseboard Heaters

Many determined homeowners are fine with taking apart every strip of baseboard, getting rid of dents, scratches, and rust, repainting, and putting everything back together multiple times in a year. Any logical residence owner will tell you that this just isn’t worth your time, and your time as a home owner and member of a family with responsibilities is better spent elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the responsible homeowner does not want to leave their baseboard heaters to constantly fall in disrepair, accumulating rust and dust and getting dented, scratched, and overall bringing down the look of any room in a home. The answer to the question of why use a baseboard cover is obvious: a cover brings up the look of a room in the house instead of make it look outdated and out of a repair.

Baseboard heater covers are much easier to install and uninstall versus your baseboard heaters: you don’t have to tear off a bunch of pieces of each strip of baseboard; you just have to snap the covers over the existing baseboard. Installing baseboard heater covers from a company like NeatHeat is incredibly simple because the covers pop right on over your baseboard even if you’re missing parts.

Why Use a Baseboard Cover from NeatHeat?

In fact, as long as your baseboard has the back plate and clips for support, NeatHeat covers will amply cover your heating elements and provide a much better look for the baseboard heaters. NeatHeat covers are made of composite polymer so they don’t rust, and they have a sleek new look to them all of the time.

Of course, covers can get dirty no matter what you do, but polymer is nice and easy to clean with most household cleaners, and since the covers pop right off, the process takes minutes. It’s easy to see why use a baseboard cover: you don’t have to drop a lot of time or money to get your baseboard renovated; just install some covers and everything is all set.

With NeatHeat, you get the best possible heater covers for the lowest rate, making life easy and giving you time to do as you please. To learn more about why use a baseboard cover from a company like NeatHeat, click here.