Why Should you use a Base Board Cover to Improve the Look of your Home?

What are the troubles with trying to renovate your base board? Why should you use a base board cover instead?

why should you use a base board coverAny homeowner can tell you how challenging it is to deal with their property as there’s so much work to do and you’ve only got so much free time to pull it off. After all, the average homeowner works full time and has a host of other priorities, so the last thing they want to deal with is the constant home renovations that need to be accomplished.

Nevertheless, taking time to keep your house in good shape is incredibly important since a home is considered the most valuable property a person can own and should be treated as such. To that end, homeowners often spend the vast majority of their free time on weekends doing work to get their home in the best possible shape.

Some tasks are simple, like cleaning and gardening, while others tend to be more complex and involve larger scale renovations throughout the home.

How to Accomplish Home Renovations with Base Board

However you accomplish work in your home, the important thing is that it’s done right so you can get as much longevity to it as possible. After all, you don’t want to spend all sorts of time on a renovation that doesn’t look good or last very long, but sometimes that’s what you’re stuck doing as a homeowner.

When you do work in your home like cleaning up all of the base board and applying protective coating, you’d like to think that the work you do will have some lifetime to it.

The problem is that not only do base boards not clean up very nicely, but also they take a lot of time to renovate and then get very quickly rusted, dented, scratched, and damaged in a host of other ways.

Homeowners don’t like renovating their base board so most will end up leaving it to get disgusting or do their best to hide it.

Why Should you Use a Base Board Cover from NeatHeat?

The newer solution is a baseboard cover that can snap over or replace your metal base board heaters. But why should you use a base board cover if it’s just another thing to clean?

The base board cover, when made by the right vendor, can provide you with only benefits and stay clean and fresh constantly. Covers from NeatHeat are great because they are made of a composite polymer, so they won’t rust, chip, or dent, and they are designed uniquely to not yellow, fade in color over time, or take damage thermally.

Installation of a NeatHeat cover is easy as they just snap over the existing base board and can even replace the metal parts that make up the base board.

All you need is the back plate and the clips that sit below the heating elements, and NeatHeat covers snap on in a second. There are six foot and four foot pieces that can be extended with a basic splice plate or cut easily using a hack saw or chop saw.

The inside corner pieces and end caps work to keep everything firmly in place, and the parts can all be removed quickly if you ever decide to clean or repaint parts of the home. To learn more about why should you use a base board cover from NeatHeat, click here.