Why should you Cover your Baseboard, and What Kind of Cover should you Use?

What are the advantages to covering your baseboard versus replacing it? Why should you cover your baseboard?

why should you cover your baseboardAny homeowner or residence owner will tell you that there are some building renovations that just aren’t worth your time to do. Sometimes, a renovation can be so time-consuming and frustrating that it’s worth your time to hire someone or find another way.

Other renovations can end up being incredibly difficult to figure out just because any work you do will not have much longevity to it. Imagine all of your hard work on one task or another lasting only a few short months before you have to do that work all over again.

This makes getting your renovations done almost impossible, because what’s the point of doing work that constantly has to be redone? Your renovations need longevity which is why you need to find alternatives; a good example is looking into how to renovate your hydronic baseboard.

Fixing your Baseboard Heater

Hydronic baseboard throws every possible issue it can at you, because repainting, cleaning, or replacing your baseboard is always a chore, and all of that time and effort will be for naught anyways.

You can spend hours taking apart all of the pieces for each individual strip of baseboard, clean them or repaint them, and put it back together just for the baseboard to look atrocious again within months.

Home owners and residence owners alike need a good way to fix up their baseboard that doesn’t just end with them ultimately wasting their time and money. A surprising alternative to dealing with baseboard is simply using a cover.

Many want to know why should you cover your baseboard, and the answer is simple: the right cover can be very permanent, meaning you can pop a cover onto your baseboard and almost never have to deal with it again. This is the desired goal of any renovation, but are there other reasons why should you cover your baseboard, and what cover should you use?

Why should you Cover your Baseboard with NeatHeat?

The answer comes from a company called NeatHeat that especially designs baseboard covers to make your life incredibly simple. The covers are made of a composite polymer, so they’re never going to rust, chip, or dent, and they are specifically altered so they will not yellow or fade in color.

Plus, they don’t show scratches easily due to their continuous white color. Since the covers are plastic, they do not absorb heat or reduce heat flow in any way; they merely provide heat through convection instead of conduction.

Other Benefits to Using NeatHeat in your Home

The covers are also heat-treated so that way they will not melt or offset gas well below the normal operating temperatures of a home. Another reason why should you cover your baseboard with NeatHeat is that it’s incredibly easy to both install and maintain.

All of the pieces snap right on and off, reducing installation and removal to seconds, and cleaning and painting your covers is a breeze.

Any household cleaner will take any grime off of the cover instantly, and all you need to paint the covers is a spray paint for polymers found at your average hardware store. If during your installation you find that a piece is too short or long, you just need to use the splice plates that NeatHeat offers to extend them or use a hack saw or chop saw to cut pieces that are too long.

There are many reasons why should you cover your baseboard, and with NeatHeat you get only advantages and a good way to save money and time. To learn more about NeatHeat’s covers, click here.