Why Should you Cover your Baseboard?

What can you do to renovate your heater? Why should you cover your baseboard?

why should you cover your baseboardMany homeowners spend quite a bit of their spare time scratching their heads and trying to figure out the mystery that is their baseboard heaters. The hot water heater provides heat through the elements that conduct heat through the metal covers that surround the elements.

Dealing with metal covers that radiate heat consistently on a daily basis is incredibly challenging, because they provide you with one constant guarantee: oxidation.

Cleaning rust is annoying enough, but taking apart each strip of baseboard to do so, only to put everything back together again is incredibly time consuming, especially when you only have so much free time on nights and weekends.

It may be worth it in most cases to spend time cleaning or repainting part of your home, but only if that work lasts you a long time. When it comes to cleaning your baseboard heater, they tend to get rusted incredibly quickly, meaning your renovations have no longevity in them no matter what you do.

Why Should you Cover your Baseboard?

In addition, just ignoring the rust they get kicked, dented, scratched, and damaged in other ways that are tough to fix. Since there are no real renovations to baseboard heaters, the solution that may work better for homeowners is a protective cover that can also be better cosmetically.

After all, baseboard heaters tend to look incredibly outdated to begin with, so a cover may be just the thing to spruce up the look of a home. Many homeowners question why should you cover your baseboard, and there are both cosmetic reasons and physical reasons.

Cosmetically, a cover is much easier to maintain and can provide a better look for homeowner’s baseboards, especially over time. Physically, baseboard covers can be incredibly easy to install and uninstall, which also makes maintenance easier, and baseboard covers can be designed to weather damage over time.

What can NeatHeat do for You?

This is the advantage of NeatHeat, baseboard covers that have been designed to make homeowner’s lives much easier. Many want to know why should you cover your baseboard with NeatHeat, and there are a plethora of reasons.

For starters, NeatHeat is made up of a composite polymer; polymers never rust, and plastics do not get chipped or dented, meaning they don’t get damaged the way metal heaters do. Since they are composite, they have been modified with titanium dioxide to never yellow or fade in color, and they’ve also been thermally conditioned.

That way, they don’t melt or offset gas at the operating temperatures of a home. NeatHeat’s covers are incredibly convenient because they install in a snap; the 6 foot and 4 foot pieces pop right on and can be cut easily to size with a hack saw or chop saw and can be extended using a splice plate.

Other Benefits to NeatHeat

There are inside corners as well if necessary, and the end caps keep the entire system firmly in place and can be scored and snapped in the bottom and side in case of any obstructions next to the baseboard system.

NeatHeat is also incredibly easy to paint and clean; all you have to do is pop off the pieces and use standard home supplies to get the job done. Normally cleaning supplies will take off the worst of messes in seconds, and you can spray paint baseboard covers in a very short period of time and reinstall the pieces in a snap.

With NeatHeat, everything is simple and you don’t have to worry about your high-maintenance baseboard heaters again. To learn more about why should you cover your baseboard, click here.