Why Replace your Base Board using NeatHeat Covers?

How can a base board cover make home renovations easy? Why replace your base board instead of redoing it?

why replace your base boardHomeowners always struggle with the best way to keep everything renovated, especially since they only have so much time in the day to actually pull it off. Chances are if you’re a homeowner you spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at your job and then you come home and take care of any personal responsibilities you have.

It’s understandable if renovation is one of the last things on your mind; however, your home is the most valuable piece of property you own so you’ve got to get it done. Many house owners will spend most of their weekends trying to get as much of that work done as possible, but of course they don’t know how to do every single renovation in the book.

A lot of work, like redoing shingling, plumbing, electrical work- that’s best to leave up to the professionals unless you are skilled in that area. After all, the goal of a renovation is to make the work last as long as possible.

Why Replace your Base Board?

However, you’ve got to determine which renovations are best to take on yourself versus hiring someone else, as you’re spending either your time or your money to do so. Homeowners will run into this dilemma constantly, but there are a few cases where both routes are bad, and they don’t provide you much in terms of a longer renovation.

This is the case with having baseboard heating in the house, especially hot water heating. There’s a heating element that is located in most rooms in a home, lining the walls along the floor, and the element is protected by metal baseboard parts that tend to take damage and look ugly.

The metal base board takes a lot of heat conduction over time so they tend to get rusty very quickly, but they also are easy to miss since they are on the floor, so they get bumped into, dented, scratched, and damaged in other ways.

The problem is that metal is always going to collect rust and dust, so you’ll have to constantly clean them. Most homeowners initially think it’s no big deal- you already take the time every week to clean your house, so why not do that with base board?

The problem is the parts are all bolted to each other on the wall, so taking them all apart and putting them together takes time, and dents and scratches in metal are very tough to get out. All in all, you’re left with a weekend’s worth of work that won’t last more than a few months before needing to be redone.

What’s the Better Option for Homeowners versus Base Board?

So why replace your base board with a better solution instead? You can use heater covers that replace or cover over your metal base board instead of taking all sorts of time to deal with the base board.

Using NeatHeat’s base board covers means that all you need to do is snap a cover on over your base board or to replace most of the metal parts of your base board. Using NeatHeat’s covers means they’re never going to rust, chip, or dent because they are made of a composite polymer.

They’ve been redesigned from a standard polymer to not yellow, fade in color, or take thermal damage over time. Using NeatHeat’s covers is the best option for homeowners looking to replace their baseboard. To learn more about why replace your base board with NeatHeat’s covers, click here.