Why Cover your Baseboard using NeatHeat’s Baseboard Covers?

When it comes to getting your baseboard renovated, why cover your baseboard?

why cover your baseboardIt’s important that, if you’re dealing with a hot water baseboard heater system, you find a good way to fix your baseboard renovation issue. Many homes use hot water heaters to provide air conditioning to their home, and this system, while effective, can cause issues cosmetically.

Home owners have to deal with redoing their baseboard constantly because the heaters take constant abuse over time and get incredibly disgusting and rusted within months of being installed.

You really don’t want outdated, rusted, dented baseboard heaters lining the walls in your home; they simply do not look good in any part of your house and detract from the look of any given room. To that end, you need to make sure that you include baseboard heaters in your list of renovations, but this is easier said than done.

Many homeowners will take time to renovate their home, doing chores such as repainting, retiling, and other odds and ends jobs, knowing that they won’t have to redo the work for a few years. With baseboard heaters, you have to manually take apart each piece from each strip of baseboard, and considering baseboard lines most walls in the home, it can be time consuming.

The Process of Renovating Baseboard

In addition, it’ll take time to clean off all of the rust and eliminate all of the scrapes and dents and such, and any additional cleaning and repainting will take a lot of time as well. The renovation of baseboard is incredibly time consuming, but the issue is that within a few months, your baseboard is essentially guaranteed to get rusted, dented, and disgusting again.

The option many homeowners don’t consider is covering up their baseboard using a cover. When it comes to determining why cover your baseboard, the obvious reason is that it saves you time.

It takes hours to renovate your baseboard for not a lot of results, so simply popping a cover on can be a timesaver, especially when the covers are easy to maintain. Baseboard covers can also provide a new look considering the fact that baseboard heaters tend to look very outdated even at their best.

The question here is, why cover your baseboard and what cover will do the job here? The answer is NeatHeat, a company that specifically designs baseboard covers for your use and benefit.

Why Cover your Baseboard with NeatHeat?

Their covers are made of a composite polymer, so they will never rust, chip, dent, or yellow or fade in color. They’ve also been heat-treated to not melt or offset gas well below operating temperatures in a home, and they act as an insulator so they will not absorb or conduct heat.

Instead, they act as an insulator, providing heat flow through convection, a method which many home owners prefer when it comes to heating up their homes. The covers all install with a snap, and you have 6 foot and 4 foot pieces that can be easily cut or extended using a splice plate, the installation is a breeze.

There are inside corner pieces as well, and end caps that can top off the entire design. Plus, if the floor was installed after the baseboard, you can score and snap off the bottom of the end caps to match the floor height.

Many want to know why cover your baseboard with NeatHeat, and the simple answer is that NeatHeat does the most for you by providing a sleek new option to renovate your baseboard. To learn more about why cover your baseboard with NeatHeat’s covers, click here.