Why Cover your Base Board using NeatHeat’s Covers?

Is there a good way to renovate your base board heaters effectively? Why cover your base board instead of just redoing it?

why cover your base boardBeing a homeowner is a lot more than just spending some time vacuuming and cleaning the house up for when company comes over. Owning a house involves a lot of different responsibilities that include more complicated tasks like redoing the tiling in bathrooms, repainting a room, and countless other time-consuming, expensive tasks.

Of course, homeowners don’t have to spend all sorts of time doing these tasks themselves: for one, they may not have the time necessary to do some of the longer renovations a house needs. The other important fact is that they may not really know how to do a renovation well or at all, and there’s no point wasting time or money in that case.

The better option for homeowners is to hire a contractor to do that sort of work themselves, but contractors are expensive and cannot be hired for every single renovation they need done. Whether you spend a lot of time on a lengthy renovation or pay a lot of money to have a contractor do that kind of work, you want the renovation you accomplish to last as long as possible.

There’s no sense in spending all sorts of time or money on something if it’s not going to benefit you, and the only way renovations really benefit you is if they look great as long as possible. Homeowners struggle with this fact when it comes to base board though.

What are the Struggles to Using Base Board?

Why? Because baseboard heaters are metal and easy to damage quickly, especially since they absorb all sorts of heat energy every time.

Metal will oxidize quickly, especially under the constant conduction of heat, so no matter what you do, the baseboard’s going to rust quickly. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to clean off for multiple reasons: homeowners can’t just spray them with household cleaners and get the job done.

To clean base board, you’ve actually got to take apart the base board, strip by strip, and clean all of the parts before putting it all back together. The base board tends to get dented and scratched as well, which makes it much more challenging since getting rid of this kind of damage is time-consuming.

So how can you renovate your base board if you can’t physically alter it to weather damage or clean it easily? The answer is through using base board covers, which can make your life a lot easier.

Why Cover your Base Board Using NeatHeat’s Covers?

So why cover your base board, and what kind of cover should you get?

The answer to all of your problems is NeatHeat’s base board covers, which are easy to snap on over your base board even if parts are damaged or missing. NeatHeat base board covers are made of a composite polymer and they do not rust, chip, or dent, and they don’t yellow or fade in color over time either.

Due to their continuous white color, NeatHeat’s covers don’t show scratches easily, and they can also be repainted easily using polymer-based spray paint.

There are a host of other advantages to NeatHeat’s covers too, including the fact that you can easily and quickly clean them using household products. To learn more about why cover your base board with NeatHeat, click here.