What can a Heater Cover do to Benefit the Look of your Home?

How can you use baseboard heaters without having to deal with bad renovations? What can a heater cover do to make your life easier?

what can a heater cover doEvery homeowner knows that there is some renovation work that is very simple and straightforward, while there are other jobs around the house that tend to be a pain.

For instance, most homeowners have no problem spending a weekend gardening, painting a room, or cleaning, but tasks like redoing the tiling, putting shingling the roof, and other jobs are not easy to pull off and generally require hiring outside work.

Whether you take the time to do a renovation yourself or spend a lot of money hiring outside work, either way the renovation will cost you something important. Your time and your money are the most valuable resources you have to invest in a renovation, but the endgame is always to get the work to last as long as possible.

After all, it’s not very helpful to spend your time and your money on work that will not last very long or look very good. This is often the case with homeowners that have baseboard heaters, especially when they are run off of hot water.

How do Heaters Work?

Because the heating element produces so much energy that is absorbed by the metal parts of the baseboard heater, the metal tends to oxidize quicker than normal and attract a lot of dust. In addition, the heaters are located in the bottom corners of the rooms, meaning they easily get unnoticed and bumped into, produced dents, scratches, and scuffs.

All of these may not seem like much, but when you take into account the fact that you’ve got to unscrew and pull off every piece of baseboard in every room in your home, clean the rust, and buff out scratches and dents before putting it all back together, the time adds up. The insult to injury is the fact that the quick oxidation means that you’ll have to do the work all over again within a short period of time.

Homeowners get incredibly frustrated taking all sorts of their free time to accomplish work that doesn’t produce much, which is why they look into what can a heater cover do. A heater cover means that you can easily renovate the cover instead of the heaters, which snaps right on and off the existing baseboard.

What can a Heater Cover do to Benefit the Look of your Home?

The cover can essentially replace the metal pieces of your baseboard and can produce heat energy through convection instead of acting like a conductor like metal does. The trick is getting the best possible baseboard cover, which is the advantage of NeatHeat’s covers.

NeatHeat’s covers are made of a composite polymer, which means they do not rust, chip, dent, or show scratches easily due to their continuous color. In addition, they were designed with titanium dioxide, meaning they do not yellow or fade in color over time, and they have been thermally conditioned to withstand the operating temperatures of the home.

NeatHeat’s covers snap right on over the existing baseboard, even if you have damaged or missing parts. If you want to clean or repaint your covers, all you have to do is pop them off and use either spray paint for polymers or household cleaning products and you’ll easily get the job done.

NeatHeat’s baseboard covers provide you the most benefit when determing what can a heater cover do. To learn more about what can a heater cover do for your home, click here.