What are the Benefits to Covering your Baseboard?

When redoing your baseboard heaters, what are the benefits to covering your baseboard with NeatHeat?

what are the benefits to covering your baseboardIf you’ve ever attempted to redo your house, chances are you’ve run into issues with your heating system cosmetically, especially if you have hot water heaters with baseboard. Hot water heaters are very common in homes, and they provide heat through your baseboard heaters which line the corners in most rooms of your home or residence.

These heaters are working hard to provide the proper air conditioning throughout your home year round, and they take quite a bit of abuse both physically and chemically very quickly. Many homeowners know the frustration of looking at their baseboard covered in rust, grime, and dents, and the problem is that this damage occurs very quickly.

Even if renovations were easy, it only takes a short time before your baseboard looks horrible again. Redoing baseboard involves taking apart each strip of baseboard by working to screw off a bunch of different parts (including screws that are hard to reach), cleaning or repainting the parts, and putting all of them back together.

What do Baseboard Covers do to Assist You?

This can take hours for each strip of baseboard, and the more baseboard in your home, the more renovating you have to do. Spending both time and money renovating your baseboard just to have to redo the work within a short period of time is not efficient, and you as a homeowner need a much better way to deal with your baseboard.

Many people decide that the better way is to cover up their baseboard using covers, which can be much easier to manage versus your high-maintenance baseboard heaters. However, what are the benefits to covering your baseboard compared to just redoing your baseboard over and over, and what type of baseboard cover is ideal for you?

Baseboard covers can act as a replacement for the front plate, are easy to install and uninstall, and can be repainted and cleaned off very easily. However, getting enough covers to cover up all of your baseboard can be costly, so you want to get your money’s worth when you get a baseboard covers.

Some covers are not designed with enough longevity to be worth the price, and others just don’t look good when it comes to replacing the look of your baseboard cover. When looking into what are the benefits to covering your baseboard, you want something that will get the job done, and that’s where NeatHeat can truly benefit you.

What are the Benefits to Covering your Baseboard with NeatHeat

NeatHeat covers are made of a composite polymer, so they’re never going to rust, chip, or dent, and they are chemically designed to never yellow or fade in color. They are also heat treated to the point where if your covers are melting or offsetting gas, your house is on fire.

These covers have virtually no downside over time and always hold the same level of efficiency and quality as the day you got them, and they are very simple to install. All of the piece install with a snap, cover up your nasty, sharp baseboard heaters with a durable polymer cover that is much more child-friendly and has a sleeker and newer look to them.

NeatHeat’s covers also act as an insulator, providing heat via convection instead of conduction so they do not absorb heat as much as your baseboard heater. They are also easy to paint and clean; a household cleaning product and a spray paint for polymer are all you need to deal with any problems you have with NeatHeat covers.

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