Using Heater Covers to your Advantage thanks to NeatHeat

How can home owners end up using heater covers that save them both time and money?

using heater coversIf you have a gasfitter over to work on your air conditioning and ask about the state of your baseboard heaters, chances are they can’t give you a good answer. Any gasfitter will tell you that baseboard heaters can be the most obnoxious renovation to do in your home.

Most renovations you do to get your home in good shape can be time-consuming and may cost more or less depending on what you do yourself, but they last a long time.

This is the bottom line for a renovation: you want to get your money’s worth, and you’d rather spend the money to get a long-lasting renovation than take the time and spend money over and over again to deal with something that doesn’t last a long time.

The latter is the case with baseboard, where you basically spend time and money to get your baseboard in decent shape, only to have to deal with the problem a few months later. Plus, baseboard heaters line the walls of most rooms in a home, so the work is incredibly time-consuming for little to no reward.

Reasons you should be Using Heater Covers

You need an effective alternative, which is where using heater covers can end up benefitting you. With a cover, you don’t have to do any work to renovate the baseboard itself, which tends to look outdated and out of shape anyhow.

Instead, you use an easy to install, easy to maintain cover and solve all of your problems in a much more permanent manner. A cover can be a breeze to clean, easily repainted, and the installation can take seconds.

Plus, the right cover won’t get disgusting and dilapidated as fast as baseboard heater and have a higher tolerance when providing energy to your home. The answer here is using heater covers from NeatHeat, a company dedicated to giving you the best possible baseboard renovation.

NeatHeat’s covers are made of a composite polymer that is designed to withstand heater temperatures and maintain its color over time. Because they are polymers, they will not rust, chip, or dent, and the look is designed to provide a sleek, new look to your baseboard.

Benefits to NeatHeat’s Covers


NeatHeat’s baseboard covers are also incredibly simple to install, saving you hours of work when it comes to redoing your baseboard. If pieces are too long, you cut them with the hack saw or chop saw; short pieces are extended using a splice plate.

You pop on the respective covers, use corners and splice plates as needed, and attach end caps to complete. The end caps are even designed to be reduced in height in case the floor was installed in your home after the baseboard.

NeatHeat covers are also incredibly simple to maintain: if they get dirty, just pop off the pieces and use a household cleaner and the grime will come off instantly. If you don’t like the color and feel like repainting, a spray paint used for polymers will do, and no primer and special tasks needed.

Are there Disadvantages to NeatHeat?

Many worry that using heater covers from NeatHeat will slow down heat flow, but science contradicts this. Simply put, energy is not created or destroyed and your heat will flow out of the baseboard heater no matter what: the only change is method of heat flow.

Your baseboard heater is a conductor, so it absorbs and transmits the heat, while the NeatHeat cover is an insulator, so it will provide heat flow via convection. Many home owners believe that convection is the better method and provides more heat flow.

No matter what, the bottom line with NeatHeat is you can end up using heater covers to save you time and money and make your life easier in the long run. To learn more about using heater covers, click here.