Using Baseboard Covers to your Advantage

When using baseboard in your home, how can a NeatHeat heater cover make your life easier?

using baseboardHaving a home is one of the bigger responsibilities you can have as they require quite a bit of maintenance over time. From weekly cleaning and summer gardening to bigger jobs like repainting the house, home renovation takes a long time.

However, there are always ways to get an efficient renovation done without breaking the bank or spending way too much time and efficiency provides for long-lasting renovations. Homeowners will always either hire someone to get the work done for them quickly and efficiently, or just save money and do the work themselves.

There are some renovations that are tougher to deal with, especially when it comes to the ones that are higher maintenance. If a renovation takes a long time, can cost you a bit of money, and doesn’t provide you with much longevity, it is more of a curse than a blessing.

Unfortunately, using baseboard heaters checks off all three of those boxes because they take up either a lot of your time or a lot of your money, and they don’t provide you much in return in the form of a long lasting renovation.

Fixing Baseboard Heaters: How can it be Done?

When heaters get dirty, you can clean them, repaint them, or replace them, and none of these options are very ideal.

Repainting or replacing baseboard means you have to take them apart first, which takes quite a bit of time, and then cleaning them off or painting each individual piece is fairly time consuming.

All in all, you could spend the better part of a weekend doing that much renovation work, or you could pay quite a bit of money to replace them and take the time to put new baseboard heater parts in every single baseboard strip in your home.

What can NeatHeat do for You?

The downside is that baseboard heaters produce a lot of energy and are metal, meaning no matter what route you choose, they’re just about guaranteed to oxidize over time. In fact, most homeowners note that their baseboard rusts and takes damages within months of cleaning them!

There has to be a better way to deal with the frustration of using baseboard other than constant clean and repair, and there is through baseboard covers. Using baseboard covers gives homeowners the ability to cut expenses and get a better looking cover in their home.

However, getting the best cover is important for homeowners, which is why NeatHeat is considered to be such a good option. NeatHeat baseboard covers are made of composite polymer so they never rust, chip, dent, and they do not show scratches easily because of their continuous white color.

Using Baseboard from NeatHeat

In addition, NeatHeat covers are made with ingredients that prevent them from yellowing or fading in color, and they are thermally conditioned to never melt or offset gas well below the operating temperatures of a home.

NeatHeat baseboard covers can snap on right over the existing baseboard as a cover or can even replace most pieces of your baseboard if necessary. NeatHeat’s covers are easy to cut if pieces are too long and can be painted or cleaned as you need.

All you’ve got to do is pop them off and spray paint for polymers or cleaning products will do the trick. Using baseboard covers from NeatHeat is the best way to accomplish your renovation goals; click here to learn more.