Using Base Board Covers to Spice up your Home

How can using base board covers really be the way to make your home’s heater systems look better?

using base boardEvery homeowner has to go through phases of getting their residences back in decent shape. It makes sense: you spend the vast majority of your free time there, so why not make sure your home is looking as good as possible?

Of course this is easier said than done and is guaranteed to cost you a lot of time or a lot of money, but in the end it is worth it. However, you’ve always got to decide whether it’s more cost worthy to purchase the necessary equipment and spend the time to do it or to simply hire someone else to do it.

In some cases though, you aren’t left with many different options, and baseboard is a prime example. Metal hot water baseboard heaters tend to oxidize faster than you can effectively deal with them, and there’s no real magic cure to dealing with rust.

You can painstakingly work to get rid of all of the rust, but to really get it all off you have to take apart the baseboard, which is very time consuming. Add in the fact that you have to work on all of the strips of baseboard in the home, and this makes taking care of your baseboard that much tougher.

Options for Solving Baseboard Issues

No one wants to spend their weekend doing what they can to renovate the entire baseboard in their home, only to have to do the work again within a season of the previous time. There is an alternative however, in the form of the baseboard cover: using base board covers can get your heaters looking good and save you quite a bit of money in the process with the right cover.

After all, if you spend a little money on the right covers, that can be quite a bit cheaper than spending time and money over and over again to get your heaters cleaned or repainted or replaced. Why not just use a cover?

They’re much better looking and can be a lot easier to maintain over time, especially if they are easy to install and uninstall. This is the benefit of NeatHeat; their covers will install in a snap, are easy to work with, and look good all of the time.

Using Base Board Covers from NeatHeat

NeatHeat baseboard covers are made of composite polymer, which does not rust, chip, or show scratches easily due to their continuous white color. Their covers are made with titanium dioxide, which does not yellow or fade in color as time goes on, and they have been thermally conditioned to handle the heat baseboard heaters produce.

Using base board covers from NeatHeat means you also get a much better looking cover that will install over your existing covers in a snap, no matter what. If you don’t have the front plate of your baseboard it doesn’t matter; as long as you’ve got the back plates and the clips, NeatHeat covers will cover the element.

Using base board from NeatHeat also means you get a cover that you can easily clean using household cleaners or repaint using spray paint found at your average hardware store. NeatHeat covers are the ultimate benefit as they can save you time and money and are incredibly easy to work with. For more about using base board covers from NeatHeat, click here.