Using a Baseboard Heat Cover from NeatHeat

What does using a baseboard heat cover do to save you time and money?

using a baseboard heat coverHome renovations are always more complicated than anticipated for a host of reasons. First off, renovations are a giant balance between time, money, and longevity.

If anything, you want one of those three to work in your favor. For example, doing work on the garden is inexpensive and only takes a little bit of time a few months out of the year, but doesn’t last long before needing to be redone.

On the other hand, something like painting a room will cost you some time or money depending on whether you do it yourself or have someone else do it, but odds are you won’t need to repaint for a few years at least.

This is the basic logic of doing any work on your home, and considering your home is the most valuable piece of property 99% percent of people own, it stands to reason you spend a lot of time keeping it looking good.

How do you Renovate Hot Water Heaters?

However, many homeowners have hot water baseboard heaters and have to struggle with how to renovate them, because it takes a lot of time to renovate them and they don’t provide you much in the way of a positive reward.

Many homeowners will spend a full weekend taking apart each individual strip of baseboard in their home, cleaning the rust and getting rid of the dents and scratches, and putting them back together all to have to do the same work again within a season.

Because baseboard heaters conduct a lot of heat energy fast, they oxidize in a short time, and considering they are on the floor and unnoticed by residents, they tend to get kicked, bumped into, and damaged in general. However, without a good way to keep them looking good, what can you do?

Using a Baseboard Heat Cover

The trick homeowners have been starting to try is using a baseboard heat cover because it can be much cheaper and faster versus spending time renovating, and heater covers can have a much nice look to them as well. Many baseboard covers have a modernized look and are specifically designed to snap on over the existing heater, like NeatHeat.

Using a baseboard heat cover from NeatHeat is especially convenient because the covers are made of a special plastic that doesn’t rust, chip, dent, yellow, or fade in color over time, making them extremely low maintenance. In fact, the only work most homeowners have to do on them is clean or repaint them, and because they are so user friendly this is a trivial matter.

All you have to do is pop the covers off, use spray paint or home cleaners, and ten minutes later your covers are cleaned and reinstalled. Since all the pieces snap right on and off again, the renovation work and maintenance is incredibly easy and saves you time and money in the long run.

NeatHeat’s covers are also very thermally efficient, not providing heat flow by conduction but instead through convection, which many homeowners believe is the better option.

Using a baseboard heat cover from NeatHeat is designed specifically for you, to make your life easier while giving you a solid new way to freshen up the look of your home. To learn more about using a baseboard heat cover from NeatHeat, click here.