How can you Use Baseboard Heating Covers in your Home?

Dealing with the baseboard heaters in your home can be tough; how can you use baseboard heating covers to make life easier?

use baseboard heatingIt’s easy to see that owning a home is one of the biggest responsibilities an adult can have, as the property’s value hinges on how well you take care of your living residence over the course of years.

Of course, maintaining a home is guaranteed to be a challenge for a lot of reasons, most of them being that adults are full time workers that have other responsibilities and only have so much time in the day to take care of different errands around the house.

Nonetheless, hiring someone else to do work in your home is guaranteed to be very expensive, so if you can do the work yourself it’s fiscally smarter to not hire someone… or is it? After all, your time is just as valuable considering it gets split amongst many different vital responsibilities.

The bottom line is homeowners have a tough time figuring out whether to do the work themselves or hire outside help, so oftentimes it comes down to a case-by-case basis. In the case of those who use baseboard heating, it’s not this simple unfortunately.

Why is Owning Baseboard a Hassle?

Homeowners who use baseboard heating deal with the frustrating fact that metal heaters that absorb a lot of heat energy and tend to go unnoticed get incredibly disgusting quickly for something that is essentially out in the open.

Since they line the walls along the floors, we as property owners tend to neglect them and they take a lot of physical damage because of it, whether it’s from accidentally kicking or bumping into baseboard or just moving furniture right up against it. The real problem with baseboard heaters is the fact that they oxidize so fast and there’s no quick, easy way to clean them because of it.

To fully clean baseboard, you end up having to take apart the entire baseboard strip piece by piece to get to a lot of the rust, and even if you clean them and take time to buff out scratches and such, they still don’t look so good. Most gasfitters and renovation experts dislike baseboard because none of the solutions they provide have any longevity to them; within a few months the baseboard just ends up needing to get redone.

A Few Reasons why you should use Baseboard Heating Covers

Being a homeowner that has to use baseboard heating is tough because there are no renovation options… but instead of trying to renovate your baseboard, why not replace it with a better cover? A baseboard cover can provide a much nicer look to your home while protecting your baseboard, and a good baseboard cover is redesigned to withstand the kinds of damage your baseboard will take.

Enter NeatHeat’s baseboard covers, a material made of composite polymer that doesn’t rust, chip, or dent, solving the vast majority of your problems. Chemists may have concerns with the fact that polymers have a low heat threshold and tend to yellow over time, but NeatHeat’s covers are not any standard polymer.

They’ve been redesigned with titanium dioxide to not yellow or lose their color over time, and they can easily withstand the operating temperatures of a home as a higher temperature polymer.

NeatHeat’s covers snap right on over your existing baseboard, meaning any homeowner that has to use baseboard heating gets a quick, easy solution. To learn more about why you should use baseboard heating covers from NeatHeat, click here.