Solving Hydronic Baseboard Problems in a Snap

How can solving hydronic baseboard problems be incredibly simple and inexpensive?

solving hydronic baseboard problemsHomeowners will always want the easy solutions when it comes to renovations on their beloved residence; however, nine times out of ten, they are left to do quite a bit of manual labor. Whether it’s repainting the house, remodeling a room, or taking care of the landscaping work, many a homeowner will roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Of course, many will simply hire someone to do the work for them, but either way, you’re spending something of value to put your house in a good place, whether it’s time or money. This is understandable and is the norm, because a house is one of the most valuable possessions you will own, and keeping it looking good in the long run is considered a necessity.

However, when you already work a full time job and have a host of other responsibilities, making time to get the work done or taking some money out of the budget to get work done is not easy. In addition, it can be even worse for the jobs that take up a lot of time or money and don’t produce much in terms of an efficient, long lasting renovation.

Solving Hydronic Baseboard Problems: Can it Be Done?

Case in point: the hydronic baseboard heater, a system that exists in most rooms of the homes that have hot water heater. The process is simple: the hot water heater produces its air conditioning through a heating element that lines the bottom corners of most rooms in a house, and the element is protected by metal baseboard pieces.

This system has a clunky, outdated look to it and, worst of all, they get kicked, dented, and rusted in a matter of a few short months. To make matters even more frustrating, they are not easy to renovate, especially efficiently.

If you want your heaters taken care of, you’ve got to take apart the entire system (minus the element) to get to all the pieces, and this alone can take a lot of time. In addition, cleaning rust and getting rid of dents and scratches from metal is not easy, and when it’s the metal from all of the baseboard heaters in your home, this means that the entire process is guaranteed to take up the majority of a weekend.

But then, within a few short months, the heaters are guaranteed to rust again, meaning you’ve got to do the work all over again. Frustrated homeowners are looking for a better solution when it comes to solving hydronic baseboard problems, and with NeatHeat they will get it.

Baseboard Reconditioning Using NeatHeat’s Covers

NeatHeat baseboard covers act as a reconditioning system by simply covering or replacing the metal baseboard heaters, which is a very quick renovation process that has much better long term ramifications. NeatHeat’s covers are made up of a composite polymer, which means they’re never going to rust, dent, chip, yellow, fade in color, or take any of the damage that your heaters will generally take.

In addition, the covers are designed to snap on in a second, making solving hydronic baseboard problems inexpensive and incredibly quick. If you want to renovate the covers over time, whether it’s painting or cleaning, it’s incredibly easy.

All you need is a can of spray paint for polymers or household cleaning supplies, and either renovation job will take you minutes. Plus, the covers come off in seconds, giving you the ability to renovate all of your covers so much faster than you could ever renovate baseboard heaters.

With NeatHeat, there are only advantages in solving hydronic baseboard problems. To learn more about how you can get NeatHeat in your home, click here.