Solving Baseboard Dilemmas through a Heater Cover

Homeowners scratch their heads over solving baseboard dilemmas; what is the easiest solution?

solving baseboard dilemmasOwning a house is a huge responsibility for a host of reasons; homeowners spend quite a bit of their spare time on all sorts of home maintenance. From cleaning the house to mowing the lawn and gardening to bigger jobs like repainting and putting down new tile in the bathroom, there’s all sorts of work to be done in your home.

The easiest way to rate work you do at home is by time, money, and longevity. Many jobs that you do that are common (such as cleaning rooms and weeding your garden) cost next to nothing and does consume some of your time, but they only last so long before you have to work on them again.

These are some of the easier jobs that are higher maintenance, but sometimes you have more time consuming, costly projects to do in your house like a full repaint of a room or putting new shingles on the roof. If you have the skills to do the work yourself, it’s probably easier to spend your free time to do the work and save yourself money.

How does Home Renovation Work?

As long as you have the efficiency to get the job done quickly and in a cost effective matter, it should last a very long time. For example, some homeowners will spend a few days and pay for paint to get parts of the house repainted, but you generally don’t have to worry about repainting for quite a while.

This is not the case with a renovating something like baseboard heaters, which tend to take a lot of time to do because of the sheer amount of work, but don’t last long before needing to be redone. To really get your heaters renovated, you’ve got to take apart the pieces from the wall, which includes multiple parts surrounding the heating element, but there are strips of heater all over the home.

This means you’ve got to take apart heaters all over the house, clean off the oxidation and dust, paint over or get rid of the scratches and dents, and put everything back together. This kind of job can take you the better part of a weekend, and because heaters produce so much energy on a constant basis (especially in the winter), the metal pieces surrounding the heater rust and accumulate dust.

Using NeatHeat when Solving Baseboard Dilemmas

In addition, since heaters are located in the bottom corners by the wall, they get kicked, bumped into, and damaged in quite a few ways. In other words, you can spend quite a bit of time renovating the heaters only to have them rust and get damaged in other ways very quickly.

Solving baseboard dilemmas is not easy because of this, but recently a better solution has been developed in the form of the baseboard cover. A cover is beneficial because it can snap on over or replace your existing baseboard heaters and looks much better and is easier to maintain compared to your baseboard.

With something like NeatHeat, solving baseboard dilemmas is a breeze because their covers are made of a composite polymer, meaning they will never rust, chip, dent, yellow, or fade in color over time.

NeatHeat’s covers are easy to maintain over time as household products will get them cleaned and painted, and they are very easy to install or uninstall. Solving baseboard dilemmas with NeatHeat can occur in a matter of seconds; to learn more about NeatHeat, click here.