How you can end up Never Repairing Baseboard Again

Why is repairing baseboard such a headache, and how can you fix your baseboard in seconds?

repairing baseboardEveryone needs to do some kind of home repair every once in a bit; it’s difficult and time consuming, but in the end, a good renovation can be worth it for homeowners. Repairing something like the plumbing or the tiling or siding can be a long, costly project, which is why homeowners that do not know how to take care of the task themselves will hire someone else.

A lot of tasks homeowners will do themselves to save money but end up spending an important currency that they own: time. Homeowners generally work full time jobs and have quite a few other responsibilities, so they don’t have a lot of free time to do all of the necessary home renovations.

However, many a residence owner has repainted a room, retiled a bathroom, or done other mid-level renovations that they have the skills to accomplish. The key is that they have the ability to do the renovation efficiently, spending the least time of time and money to get the best, longest lasting renovation possible.

Not all renovations work this smoothly though: some renovations will take as long as some of the more involved projects and have the longevity of something like landscaping. This is why baseboard heaters are such a pain: they barely last a season before needing to be redone, and can take up the vast majority of a free weekend.

How Repairing Baseboard Works

The problem with repairing baseboard is that when the fall into disrepair, you have to pull apart every strip in your home, and since there are generally quite a few rooms in even a smaller home, chances are you’re dealing with quite a few feet of baseboard. Once you take them apart, you have to contend with the likes of oxidation, dents, scratches, and general wear and tear, which take up time as well.

After putting it all together, you’ve ended up spending the better part of a weekend repairing baseboard, and within the season, you’ll end up having to do it again. When a metal heater conducts heat energy on an almost constant basis, it’s guaranteed to rust quickly.

Plus, baseboard tends to go unnoticed easily since it’s tucked against the wall by the floor, so they get bumped into, kicked, and spilled onto all of the time. There has to be a better way to repairing baseboard: the solution is to not physically work on the baseboard, but to put a cover on over your baseboard.

The Benefits to Using NeatHeat Covers

A heater cover from a company like NeatHeat can solve your problems because it can be easy to install/maintain and look good, saving you time and money in the renovation process. The trick to NeatHeat is that their covers are made of a composite polymer, so they do not rust, chip, or dent, and they do not show scratches easily due to their continuous, white color.

In addition, they’ve been designed to not yellow, fade in color, melt, or offset gas at the home’s operating temperatures.

If you want to clean or repaint your heater covers, all you have to do is pop the plates off and use either household cleaning products or polymer-based spray paints to get the job done. Repairing baseboard is usually a long, grueling process, but with NeatHeat’s covers, it’s a breeze. To learn more about repairing baseboard the easy way, click here.