Renovating a Base Board Heat System using NeatHeat

What can homeowners do to make renovating a base board heat system easy?

renovating a base board heat systemMost people set an ultimate goal of owning a home because it’s the most valuable piece of property you can own, and the more work and money you put into it, the more of an investment you’re creating. However, for both fiscal and personal reasons you’ve got to constantly keep it in good shape.

Home renovation is not easy because there’s so much to do between cleaning, gardening, repairs, new installations, and more. A lot of the work can be done by a savvy, skilled homeowner, but every homeowner reaches a point where it’s smarter to just have someone else do it.

In those cases, it’s important to hire a good contractor and get the job done. However, contractors are quite pricey so it’s not something homeowners can do every single time they need something renovated.

Renovating a base board heat system can be one of the tougher reworks homeowners have to deal with because it’s time consuming and frustrating and doesn’t provide much in terms of a good-looking, long lasting renovation.

The Frustrations in Renovating a Base Board Heat System

No homeowner likes renovating a base board heat system because they can end up spending the better part of the weekend accomplishing the renovation, only to have to do the work again within a few short weeks. In addition, many renovations don’t really leave base board heaters looking good.

Instead of taking time to pull apart every strip of base board in the home, clean the rust, remove the dents/scratches, and put it all back together, why not use a cover? A base board cover can snap right on over your existing base board, saving you a lot of time in your renovation.

So where can you get a good base board cover? A clear solution is NeatHeat because the covers are made of a composite polymer, so they’re not going to rust, chip, or dent. In addition, they don’t yellow or fade in color over time, and they do not take thermal damage over time either.

This is because the covers are made uniquely from a standard polymer, but they still provide the same benefits that plastics do. In addition, the covers have a much sleeker, cleaner look versus standard base board, which is very outdated.

How can Installing NeatHeat be Easy?

NeatHeat covers are simple to use because all of the parts snap on in seconds, and can be adjusted to apply to any strip or corner or base board. There are six foot and four foot pieces that can be cut easily using a hack or chop saw and lengthened using a splice plate.

Once you get all the parts installed, you can securely hold the covers in place with end caps and inside/outside corner pieces that snap everything firmly into place. Even though those parts hold every part in place, they still snap off in seconds if you detach them from the bottom, and the end caps can be shortened too if they end up being too long.

Renovating a base board heat system is easy once you install NeatHeat, but how do you maintain the covers? It’s even simpler than you’d think; since the covers are polymer, any household cleaning products will do the trick in taking filth off in seconds.

To learn more about how renovating a base board heat system with NeatHeat can be a breeze, click here.