Redoing your House Heater using NeatHeat

How can redoing your house heater be a simple process that saves you time and money?

redoing your house heaterAny homeowner will tell you that there are many renovations they simply cannot deal with using the time they have. After all, the average homeowner works full time and only has so much free time during the week, especially considering the various responsibilities they may have.

Many will spend their weekends and days off getting the work done, but they can only do so much, especially considering how fast the winter season rolls around. Once it gets colder, renovations become tougher and other priorities begin to come into play, especially when the snow starts piling down.

The average homeowner draws a line on renovations they can do versus renovations they pass off to a professional, mainly in the sense of efficiency. If you do a renovation yourself versus have someone else do it, you save yourself a lot of money and sacrifice your own time, but you can only do a renovation so well.

Challenges in Redoing your House Heater

The most important factor in a renovation is how well it comes out because that determines how long it lasts, and the average homeowner doesn’t know how to do things like putting shingles on the roof or redoing the carpet. However, many renovations are easier than others, and when it comes to redoing your house heater, there’s no easy solution to physically altering your heaters.

The problem is that baseboard heaters are made of metal, so they tend to attract all kinds of filth including the dreaded rust. Rust is incredibly annoying to get off and tends to grow on the metal baseboard in hard-to-reach places, and rust isn’t the only damage that is challenging to deal with.

Baseboards always get dented or scratched, and taking apart your baseboard, cleaning off rusts and getting rid of dents and such is an incredible hassle. The alternative that makes redoing your house heater much simpler is a baseboard cover, because instead of renovating your heater, you deal with the cover, which can be designed with a material that is easier to work with.

The Benefits of NeatHeat’s Covers

For instance, a plastic won’t rust, chip, or dent, but they generally only take about 100 degrees Fahrenheit max, and they lose their color over time. NeatHeat solves these problems by using a modified plastic in their heater covers that easily withstands the home’s heating temperatures and do not yellow or fade in color over time.

The trick with NeatHeat is their covers are much easier to install over the existing baseboard as they pop onto the frame with a snap, even if your heaters are damaged or missing parts. In fact, all you need is the back plate and the clips and NeatHeat parts install right over, making redoing your house heater a job that takes seconds.

If you happen to get anything on the heaters, all you need to do is pop off the covers and use a household cleaner to get the job done.

Painting is a similar process that only requires a spray paint for polymers; and you generally only need a single coat. Redoing your house heater has never been easier with NeatHeat’s baseboard heaters; to learn more, click here.