Redoing your Home Heater with a Heater Cover

What are the benefits to using NeatHeat when redoing your home heater?

redoing your home heaterAs the fall season comes to a close and winter begins, many homeowners look to getting those last-minute renovations in before the holidays start and it gets too cold to really get any work done.

For example, many residence owners like to get their home interiors redone, especially areas that tend to get disgusting easy like the bathroom and the kitchen. Spending your weekend cleaning and renovating parts of your home may not seem ideal, but it’s absolutely a necessity, especially some of the more deteriorated parts of your home.

With parts of your home covered in rust, dust, and dents like baseboard heaters that are all over the house, it can be tough to get those renovations done in the limited time you have on your weekends.

What makes it even tougher is the fact that baseboard heaters that are cleaned or repainted don’t last long before just getting rusty and dusted again, and the process is fairly obnoxious to begin with.

Using a Heater Cover to Make your Life Easier

You have to take apart each strip of baseboard, which takes time as there are multiple parts, and then you have to clean or repaint those parts and put it all back together. Spending hours and hours of your time as well as money on redoing your home heater to only have the heater get disgusting within a few months is not ideal at all.

You need a better alternative as far as redoing your home heater, but cleaning or repainting isn’t the best move. An alternative homeowners look into is redoing their heaters using a cover, which replaces the look of the heater and can be much easier to clean and repaint.

Heater covers are a breeze to install or uninstall, so you can take the covers off and do all of your cleaning and repainting. Plus, baseboard heaters tend to look very dismal and outdated anyways, so a nice-looking cover can be the key when redoing your home heater.

Redoing your Home Heater Using NeatHeat

Renovations need to be as permanent as possible, so whatever cover you get needs to have as much longevity as possible as well as be easy to maintain. Enter NeatHeat, a baseboard cover designed within the last couple years that can quickly and readily provide your home heater with a fresh, new look and a good renovation.

NeatHeat’s secret is that their covers are made of a composite polymer, so they will never rust, chip, or dent. That’s not the only trick up NeatHeat’s sleeve: their covers have been designed a little differently from your standard polymer, so they don’t fade or yellow in color because of titanium dioxide.

In addition, they have been heat treated so they will not melt or offset heat well below the temperatures a home operates in. Plus, installation of NeatHeat’s covers is simple, as all of the pieces snap on and any pieces that need to be cut can be cut easily using a hack or chop saw.

Pieces that are too short can be extended using a splice plate, and end caps lock the entire system together. NeatHeat covers are incredibly easy to keep looking good over time: all you have to do is pop off the covers and you can either spray paint them or clean them using standard household cleaners.

Either way, the process takes minutes and is much easier than cleaning or repainting your baseboard heater. To learn about some more benefits that you can get through redoing your home heater using NeatHeat, click here.