The Best Way to go about Redoing your Baseboard Heaters

How can redoing your baseboard heaters be done in minutes with a product like NeatHeat?

redoing your baseboard heatersMany homeowners have asked gasfitters repairing their air conditioning system the same, dreaded question: “How can I fix my baseboard heater in such a way that renovations last?” There’s no good answer for this question unfortunately, because baseboard heaters seem to attract all of the rust and filth they can in a short space of time.

To make matters worse, baseboard heaters are everywhere in a home, so they tend to detract from the overall look of the home interior and are a time consuming renovation to complete. To take care of your baseboard heater you’re going to have to take each strip apart, meaning you have to get to work unscrewing each piece off of the wall for each strip.

You can repaint, clean, or replace the parts before reattaching, but the end result is always the same: within a few months, the baseboard heater oxidizes, accumulates dust, gets scuffed and dented, and looks disgusting again.

Redoing your baseboard heaters is no easy feat, and the renovations cannot be done the same way you do other renovations; you have to think outside the box to get your baseboard looking good again. A very common solution as of late is to simply cover up the baseboard, meaning your heaters look much better again and you don’t have to worry about the oxidization as much.

Using NeatHeat’s Covers in your Home

Many homeowners don’t like the idea of redoing your baseboard heaters by simply covering them, but the advantage is that some brands of covers will replace parts of your baseboard. This is where companies like NeatHeat come into play, giving you the best possible way to go about redoing your baseboard heaters.

NeatHeat’s covers are made of a composite polymer, so they’re never going to rust, chip, or dent, already giving you a huge advantage when redoing your baseboard heaters. They were designed with titanium dioxide so they won’t yellow or fade in color, and they’ve been heat treated to withstand home temperatures easily.

They can even replace the front plate of your baseboard heater; all you need is the back plate and front clips and the covers install in a snap. NeatHeat’s products include the four foot and second foot pieces that can be cut using a hack saw or chop saw or extended using a splice plate, another product offered by NeatHeat.

Redoing your Baseboard Heaters the Right Way

They also offer inside corners and end caps for finishing touches, and the end caps can be scored and snapped if the floor is higher than the cap or if a pipe extends to the baseboard. NeatHeat covers also act as an insulator, providing heat into your house via convection instead of conduction, and many homeowners believe that this provides heat flow in a much more efficient manner.

NeatHeat’s covers can be repainted easily using a spray paint for polymers found at your average hardware store, and they can be cleaned in seconds using cleaning products found just about anywhere.

With NeatHeat’s covers, redoing your baseboard heaters becomes incredibly easy and saves you money in the long run. Gone are the days of fretting over how you can clean or repaint your baseboard; a cover saves you valuable amounts of time as well as your hard-earned money in the long run.

To learn more about incorporating NeatHeat into the process of redoing your baseboard heaters, click here.