How can Redoing your Baseboard Heat be Simple?

What is the advantage to redoing your baseboard heat using heater covers from NeatHeat?

redoing your baseboard heatHomeowners always work towards getting their residences looking their best all of the time, spending free weekends cleaning up and redoing parts of their home. From painting rooms with chipped walls to redoing tiling to raking leaves and weeding gardens, homes require quite a bit of maintenance over the years.

Some of the work is fairly constant and needs to be done on monthly and yearly basis, while other work involves a lot of time and is designed to last for as long as possible. Renovations generally fall under the latter category, as work like shingling, painting, flooring, and other hardware-related types of work tend to take a long time but also have longevity to them.

An exception many homeowners just assumed falls under the line of work that constantly needs to be done is the baseboard heaters, which tend to be a nightmare cosmetically. Baseboard heaters line the baseboard along the walls in most rooms in a home, producing air conditioning constantly.

Because they provide quite a bit of energy and do a lot of work in a short period of time, the metal tends to oxidize and accumulate dust within a very short period of time. With metal oxidation, there’s no real easy solution, because any cleaning you do will result in the metal rusting again, but that’s not the frustrating part.

The Challenge when Redoing your Baseboard Heat

The challenge is that the baseboard parts can’t just easily be cleaned; you have to unscrew and take apart all sorts of different parts for each strip of baseboard, meaning you have to take time to take everything apart, clean off every part or repaint, and put it all back together.

Within a few months, the baseboard heaters are just going to end up oxidizing again and getting disgusting, which is not ideal for renovation work. You want a way to go about redoing your baseboard heat without having to do the same work over and over again, which is what baseboard heater covers are for.

Instead of redoing your baseboard heat through cleaning or repainting and having to consistently redo the work, you can just put a better-looking cover on, improving the cosmetic appearance of your baseboard.

Some covers are better than others however; you want a cover that’s easier to install, maintain, and provides you as many upsides as possible with little to no downsides.

Why Should you Use NeatHeat?

This is where NeatHeat’s baseboard covers come into play, providing you with a way to get your baseboard looking good without having to worry about cleaning the covers on a constant basis.

NeatHeat’s covers are made of a composite polymer so they will never rust, the main advantage to using NeatHeat when redoing your baseboard heat. NeatHeat’s covers also don’t chip, dent, and they are designed using titanium dioxide to never yellow or fade in color.

They’ve also been thermally treated so they will not melt or offset gas well below the operating temperature of your home, and they provide heat flow efficiently using the method of convection. NeatHeat’s covers are easy to install and maintain, as all of the pieces pop on with a snap.

They can be cleaned using household products, and they can be repainted easily using your average spray paint for polymers found at a hardware store.

NeatHeat’s covers are incredibly easy to use and make life easier when it comes to redoing your baseboard heat. To learn more about using NeatHeat when redoing your baseboard heat, click here.