What makes Redoing a Baseboard Heater Easy?

Homeowners are always looking for the most efficient way to go about redoing a baseboard heater; what is the advantage to NeatHeat?

redoing a baseboard heaterIt’s no secret that baseboards can be some of the more frustrating renovations to do in a home. Most reworks done in a house involve a lot of time and money, but the idea of a renovation is you spend the least amount of time/money necessary to get the best renovation.

For instance, say you wanted to get a room in your house redone: repaint the walls, redo the rugs, and furnish everything. If you do it yourself you pay for all of the materials and need the skills and time necessary to paint a room and redo a rug, costing you some money but mostly time.

If you hire someone else to do it, you don’t spend any time but hiring someone to paint and redo a rug is not a cheap commodity because you are paying for someone else’s time. Either way, odds are good you won’t have to worry about repainting that room or redoing that rug for years on end, and that’s the true benefit of any renovation.

How do Different Home Renovations Work?

Renovations are designed to be long lasting, so if you’re dishing out a lot of money and/or time, you’re getting value in how long the work that was done lasts. This is not the case when redoing a baseboard heater, because no matter what you do you are fighting an obnoxious force of nature: rust.

A metal baseboard conducting a lot of energy from a heating element is guaranteed to oxidize in a matter of months, weeks even, not years.

Plus, redoing a baseboard heater involves a large chunk of time whether you do it or someone else does, because you have to pull apart each and every strip of the baseboard in your house, clean off the rust, dents, scratches, and dust, and put them all back together again.

All in all, you can spend a weekend redoing a baseboard heater, only to have to do it again within the season. Homeowners get very frustrated dealing with baseboard and look for alternative solutions; the real answer is not to redo the heaters themselves, but to put a cover on instead.

Redoing a Baseboard Heater Using NeatHeat

A cover can be much easier to install and maintain over time, and they tend to have a much better look to them rather than your old, outdated baseboard heaters. With NeatHeat, redoing a baseboard heater is as easy as snapping the pieces over your baseboard, pretty much no matter what shape they are in.

NeatHeat’s covers are designed of composite polymer, which, in layman’s terms, means they do not rust, dent, or show scratches easily. In addition, they have been designed a little different from standard polymer, meaning they do not yellow or fade in color over time.

They’ve also been thermally conditioned, so they can handle any heat your home produces. NeatHeat’s covers pop on over the existing heaters in a snap, even if the front plate is damaged or missing. In fact, all you need is the back plate and the clips and NeatHeat covers install right over the heating elements.

With NeatHeat’s covers, you make redoing a baseboard heater a trivial task and can save hours upon hours of your time. To learn more about using NeatHeat when redoing a baseboard heater, click here.