A Method of Reconditioning Base Board that will only take you Seconds!

What are clever homeowners doing when it comes to reconditioning base board to save time and money?

reconditioning base boardLet’s face it: having a hot water baseboard becomes a lot more trouble than it’s worth for homeowners that like their house in top shape. Any other renovation seems simple: if you’ve got some work to do on your home, you carve out a weekend to do the work or spend some money to hire a contractor, and you don’t have to work about doing the work again for a while.

With baseboard though, the story’s different, and you get to do a lot of work for not much of a reward. Why are baseboard heaters such a headache?

The answer is simple: the heating element protected by your baseboard produces a lot of energy in any given time, especially during the winter, and the metal baseboard absorbs all of that energy.

The Science of Base Board Heating

When metal absorbs a lot of heat over time, it rusts very quickly, and because the baseboard is made of multiple parts screwed to a wall, you’ve got to take apart every strip of baseboard in the house to actually clean them.

To make matters more frustrating, homeowners need to do a lot more than clean rust if they want their baseboard to look good, because it’s incredibly difficult to go a few months without your baseboard getting dented or scratched in some way.

When all’s said and done, you’ve spent an entire weekend that you could’ve used to paint a room or do a full house cleaning on baseboard, and in a couple months you’ll have to do the work again.

So what can you do when reconditioning base board? Do you tolerate the headache every few months, ignore the problem, hire someone else to do the work? The answer is none of the above, because NeatHeat’s baseboard covers are the best possible solution!

Reconditioning Base Board Using NeatHeat

You may be wondering how adding covers in can solve the problem: the covers can act as a replacement for the baseboard or pop right on over the metal, but either way you have an easily installed cover that can be maintained over time without having to take apart baseboard every few months. NeatHeat’s covers don’t rust, chip, dent, show scratches easily due to their continuous color, or yellow over time, all because they are designed with a composite polymer.

Since the polymer acts as an insulator for the heat, you get heat energy through convection instead of conduction, which is considered to be the effective way of putting heating in your home.

Reconditioning base board is a breeze with NeatHeat because the covers snap right on, and all you really need is the back plates that the element is attached to and the clips that sit underneath the element, and NeatHeat covers snap right on. If you want to get a little bit of filth off the cover, taking the covers off is as easy as the installation, and household cleaning products will do the trick in seconds.

Plus, if you want to repaint all you need is ten minutes a section and a polymer based spray paint, found at your average hardware store. With NeatHeat, reconditioning base board becomes simple, easy, and cost-effective; to learn more, click here.