Reconditioning your Baseboard with NeatHeat

How can you make reconditioning your baseboard the easiest job you take on all year?

reconditioning your baseboardIt’s no secret that real estate is one of the biggest markets out there, simply because a house is considered by many to be the most important item you’ll ever own. However, owning a piece of property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars is not a minute task: taking care of your property will take a lot of man-hours on a yearly basis if you want the house to retain any value.

Homeowners will slave away making sure that their property looks as great as possible come summer and take the time to patch up any loose ends before winter rolls through, and the cycle will continue. Most homeowners have a system for each different kind of renovation, like a timetable of when to do spring cleaning or when to repaint.

There’s a lot of work to be done, and it tends to take up quite a bit of a homeowner’s free time, whether it’s on nights or weekends. The reason homeowners put the work in is to keep the house looking good as long as possible, so it’s safe to say that if you do renovation work, you want it to last quite a bit of time.

Reconditioning your Baseboard in a Timely Fashion

Whether you’re putting in time or money, renovations are supposed to have as much longevity to them as possible, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. A good example is the hot water baseboard heater, which tends to get incredibly disgusting very fast and isn’t so easy to deal with.

If a homeowner wants to deal with their baseboard heater, they’ve got to take apart each piece on each individual strip of baseboard in the house, clean or repaint each piece (which is a time consuming task in itself), and then put all of the pieces back together. This can consume the vast majority of your precious weekend time, but the problem is that nothing you do to the baseboard can stop the rust.

Within a few short months, the baseboard heaters are guaranteed to oxidize and look as disgusting and unappealing as they did when you cleaned them previously. It’s bad enough that homeowners spend so much time on their baseboards, but when the work barely lasts a season in the year, this makes it so much worse.

Cutting Costs by Using a Baseboard Cover

Homeowners desperately want an alternative in the process of reconditioning your baseboard, and the easy solution is to just cover the baseboard. However, what can cover baseboard in such a way that the baseboard looks good and is easy to maintain over time?

The solution in the process of reconditioning your baseboard is NeatHeat, baseboard covers that are made up of a composite polymer. This means they’re never going to rust, chip, or dent, and they don’t show scratches easily due to their continuous white color.

Cosmetically, they look much more appealing than an outdated baseboard heater, and practically they are very easy to deal with. They’re never going to yellow or fade in color, don’t melt or offset gas at your home’s operating temperatures, and are easy to spray paint or clean with standard household products.

Plus, they pop right on over the existing baseboard heaters in a snap, meaning the renovation will take you seconds and last you a very long time.

NeatHeat makes reconditioning your baseboard quick, simple, and incredibly efficient in the long run, giving you the most for your money. To learn more about reconditioning your baseboard using NeatHeat, click here.