How Reconditioning the Baseboard can be Easy

When reconditioning the baseboard, how can a heater cover make everything simple?

reconditioning the baseboardHome improvement is always a long, tedious challenge, not for any reason other than the fact that your average homeowner works 40+ hours a week and can only invest so much time on their home.

If you ask a house owner what their plans are for the weekend, chances are it’s going to be some kind of work in their house, whether it’s mowing, gardening, redoing the porch, renovating the basement, painting a bedroom, or one of the other seemingly limitless tasks that need to be done.

Renovation work can be pretty simple (like the gardening and mowing tends to be straightforward) or very complicated to the point where a homeowner has to wonder whether or not they are up to the challenge (like doing the roofing). Luckily, many homeowners are either very handy at doing renovation work in their home, can learn how to do it, or know someone else that can accomplish the work.

In some cases, the house owner may not have a good way to do the renovation, and rather than risk their time and money on a renovation that may not come out efficient, they’ll pay a lot of money to hire someone else.

How Does Reconditioning the Baseboard Work?

After all, the end game of a renovation is longevity. Whether you’re spending time or money, your goal is to keep the home in great shape as consistently as possible, for both financial and personal reasons.

Taking care of your property is always smart, especially if you’re aiming to sell the home eventually or you rent and want to get your security deposit back. However, what happens when you’re reconditioning the baseboard and realize it’s not as easy of a renovation as you’d think?

Baseboard involves a lot of heat being absorbed by the metal parts on the baseboard, which needs to be thoroughly scrubbed off of every piece of metal on every strip of baseboard in the home.

It gets worse when baseboard gets dented and scratched as that involves some more mechanical work to clean up, but baseboard ends up being a weekend project and still doesn’t look that great, and has to be redone within a short period of time.

Why Do Homeowners Use NeatHeat?

This is why smarter homeowners look to use baseboard covers instead when reconditioning the baseboard, because a good cover has a much better look for any room in your home versus outdated baseboard heaters. Even at their best, baseboard heaters tend to look outdated and can detract to the look of any room, so using a cover from NeatHeat can make life much easier.

A NeatHeat baseboard cover is made up of a composite polymer, so they do not rust, chip, dent, or show scratches easily due to their continuous white color. In addition, they are designed a bit differently from standard polymers as they do not take damage from heat and are not going to yellow or fade in color over time.

NeatHeat’s covers make reconditioning the baseboard easy as they can snap on and off the baseboard no matter what, even if there are parts missing. As long as you’ve got the clips underneath the heating element and the back plate, you can install NeatHeat, meaning their covers effectively replace most of the metal.

You can easily clean the covers with a standard house cleaner or repaint them using spray paints for polymers. To learn more about why reconditioning the baseboard is easier with NeatHeat, click here.