Three Reasons you should get Covers for your Baseboard

Why are NeatHeat’s covers the best choice for your home? What are three reasons you should get covers for your baseboard?

reasons you should get covers for your baseboardWhen it comes to maintaining your house, chances are you don’t want to have to keep doing maintenance jobs on a yearly basis. You want the renovations you do for your home to be as long-lasting as possible so you don’t have to paint the walls or replace the furnace on a yearly basis.

The work you do has to be both cost and time effective as well, since spending a lot of money and taking weeks of work isn’t necessarily worth it, especially if the work you do will need to be redone soon.

Do it yourself work is never easy and takes a bit of planning and strategy, but there’s always a solution to whatever house-related issue you face. For example, one of the more common problems in homes with hydronic heating systems is dealing with the baseboard heaters.

It can easily be the toughest renovation you do, because the baseboard gets dusty, rusted, dented, and looks disgusting real quickly, and redoing the baseboard is always a long process.

Work to Renovate your Baseboard

Baseboard heaters line the bottom parts of the wall in most rooms of a house, meaning you have quite a bit of hydronic baseboard to renovate and each strip of baseboard can take a long time to deal with.

You’ve got to unscrew and disassemble the back plates, front plates, and any other parts to access all of the baseboard, then you have to set to work either cleaning or repainting the parts. Both of those can take a long time because of how dirty the baseboard gets, and if you just replace the parts you still spend a lot of money, and they will still look disgusting again within the year.

There’s no easy way to fix your baseboard heaters, but you can cover them up with a much better-looking cover to save you time and money and make your life easier. One of three reasons you should get covers for your baseboard is that there’s no real better way to permanently renovate your baseboard, and the installation is guaranteed to be infinitely easier.

The only downside is cost, so you want to make sure you buy a well-priced cover that is considered worth paying the money for.

Three Reasons you Should get Covers for your Baseboard from NeatHeat

This is where NeatHeat comes into play, offering some of the best baseboard covers at reasonable rates to make your life easier.

Three reasons you should get covers for your baseboard from NeatHeat are that they are easy to install/maintain, low cost, and have virtually no downsides as a baseboard cover! They are made of a composite polymer, so they’re never going to rust, chip, dent, and are specially designed to not fade in color or show scratches with their white color.

Since it is a polymer, they don’t melt or offset gas at house temperatures, and they act as an insulator, providing heat to your home through convection. All of the parts install and uninstall with a snap, so if you want to clean or repaint your covers, taking off the covers is a cinch.

They can be cleaned with any household products, and they can be repainted using any spray paint for a composite polymer, making your life much easier over time. They are childproof since they are essentially plastic, and they provide your home with a sleek look versus the outdated look of hydronic baseboard.

With NeatHeat’s covers, you get the best deal possible as far as baseboard covers go. To learn more about getting NeatHeat’s hydronic baseboard covers, click here.