The Benefits of Putting a Heating Cover On

How can putting a heating cover on be the best solution for homeowners trying to renovate their baseboard?

putting a heating cover onEvery homeowner has a decision to make when it comes to getting work done in their home: do they want to do the work themselves, or do they want to hire someone to do the work?

There’s a lot of work to do in your home from gardening and taking care of your yard to indoor tasks like redoing the carpeting, renovating a bedroom, or installing new cabinets and shelving in your kitchen.

Some of these tasks, especially the more complex ones, are not a simple, straightforward job that you should do yourself without at least some instructions.

Doing a renovation yourself depends on two important factors: do you have the time to effectively complete the renovation, and do you have the do-it-yourself savvy to accomplish a renovation that is as efficient as possible?

How do Home Renovations Work?

If you can’t complete the renovation right, it’s smart for you to hire someone else, even if it’s a little expensive. After all, at the end of the day the goal is that you complete a renovation, even if it costs you some time or some money to pull off.

This is because if you don’t spend the proper amount of time doing the renovation and it comes out lack-luster, you could end up not getting much longevity out of it and have to redo the renovation in a lot shorter of a time period than you’d hope for.

Luckily, most of the time as long as you did the renovation right, it’s going to last a long time and the home’s going to look great; however, there are exceptions, like when you have to renovate your hot water heater. Dealing with hot water baseboard is challenge because they produce energy through a heating element that lines the walls along the floors in most rooms in a home.

To protect the heating elements, the baseboard heaters were designed with surrounding metal parts to protect the elements and protect homeowners from the risk of the hot element. On the plus side, the metal conducts heat so it will produce energy to the room effectively; unfortunately, that also means the metal is going to oxidize very quickly no matter what.

In addition, since they line the walls along the floors they are easy to miss and tend to get kicked and bumped into, especially when furniture is moved around or if you have pets. As a result, they get scratched and dented very regularly, which is a really tough renovation to deal with.

Putting a Heating Cover on From NeatHeat

To clean the base board, you’ve got to take apart the heaters piece by piece and clean off the rust and get rid of the dents and scratches, putting it back together in the course of a couple days. The problem with baseboard is it always tends to look outdated and worked on, especially after you’ve renovated it, so why not cover it up instead?

Putting a heating cover on from NeatHeat modernizes the look of your baseboard and makes your life easy. Why? Because it takes seconds to install and remove the covers, so cleaning and repainting the covers is a piece of cake.

Since the covers are made of a unique polymer, they’re not going to rust, chip, or dent, and they produce heat energy through convection which improves heat flow in larger rooms in the home. To learn more about the benefits of putting a heating cover on from NeatHeat, click here.