The Benefits to Putting a Cover over your Baseboard

How can putting a cover over your baseboard be the most efficient way to renovate your heaters?

putting a cover over your baseboardHomeowners always find it much more time consuming than planned to get their homes cleaned to a level they like. There’s always some work to do, whether it’s getting some functioning part of the home ready for winter weather or spring cleaning or just the general weekly maintenance involved in owning a residence.

However, some of the more time consuming work falls under the lengthy renovations homeowners do to get one part of their home in decent shape for a while. For example, a job like painting a room can take quite a bit of time out of your weekend and costs you a bucket or two of paint along with supplies.

The advantage is this: while you spend time and money to get a job done, you get an investment in the sense that the work you do lasts a while. Most homeowners paint a room and then don’t end up repainting for years depending on the room, and there are other renovations like redoing tiling, shingling, and more that are done on long intervals.

All it costs you is time or money: either you invest the time to do the work yourself, or you hire someone else to do it. Either way, the job gets done, and you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time or money for at least a few years.

Why are Baseboard Heaters a Challenge to Work With?

But what happens if the renovation you just did doesn’t last a long time? What if, in mere months, all of your hard work is undone, and you have to invest time to get the work done again?

This is the struggle of having baseboard heaters, especially in rooms that get messy fast like the bathroom. Baseboard heaters line the bottoms of walls in most rooms in a home for those who have hot water heaters, and are an absolute pain.

To start off, they look incredibly outdated to begin with, but when they get dirty, they are hard to miss and hard to clean. Because baseboard heaters are made of a metal and are almost constantly producing energy through the heating element, the metal oxidizes incredibly quickly.

The oxidation is the problem: you can spend a weekend taking apart each and every strip of baseboard in your house, painstakingly clean or repaint it, and put everything back together. However, within a few months, the rust will strike again and your baseboard heaters will look as bad as a bathroom that hasn’t been cleaned in a month.

Putting a Cover over your Baseboard

Let’s face it: you need a better solution to just redoing your baseboard over and over again, which is why the idea of putting a cover over your baseboard came into play. Instead of spending a lot of time and money in the long run, you just pop a cover on and clean that.

Plus, a cover can look less outdated and can be much easier to work with in the long run versus your baseboard. The question is, when putting a cover over your baseboard, which one do you get?

The solution is NeatHeat, a company that dedicates itself to making the best possible covers that can make your life easier and cut down the amount of time and money you spend on redoing your heaters. All you do is pop NeatHeat’s covers on over the baseboard and you’re done, even if the heater’s plates are damaged!

NeatHeat’s covers are plastic so they will not rust, chip, dent, or yellow or fade in color, and are incredibly easy to clean/repaint using household products. NeatHeat is designed to be easy to use when putting a cover over your baseboard, and is the ultimate permanent solution.

To learn more about why putting a cover over your baseboard can really be easy with NeatHeat, click here.