Putting a Baseboard Cover on can Benefit your House

Why should you be putting a baseboard cover on your rusty, outdated baseboard heaters?

putting a baseboard coverHaving baseboard can be an incredibly frustrating renovation for the homeowner to deal with, as even gasfitters have no real good idea on how to renovate them and get them to stay in good shape.

The big challenge is really the rust, because metal that absorbs heat gets oxidized so fast that taking the time to clean them makes it feel almost not worth it for the homeowner. The hot water heater consists of a heating element that produces energy through the metal covers that protect it, but since the metal conducts so much heat it’s an easy attraction for rust and dust.

Plus, since baseboard heaters line the floors by the walls, they get kicked and bumped into easily, and doing work like moving furniture can easily dent or scratch your baseboard. It’s easy to see that baseboard gets easily damaged, but a lot of home renovations constantly need to be done like cleaning and gardening.

The difference is that those tasks are relatively low energy and not as time consuming. To renovate baseboard you have to take apart every strip of baseboard, piece by piece, and clean all of the rust and dust off.

What are the Advantages to Putting a Baseboard Cover On?

Before putting it back together, you’ve got to take the time to buff out any dents and scratches you have, and that will take even more time. All in all, house owners will spend the better part of a weekend redoing their baseboard heaters only for them to get disgusting again within a few months.

Baseboard heaters have always had a very outdated look, but adding rust and other damages makes them look even worse. Luckily, there’s a solution to redoing your ugly baseboard: putting a baseboard cover on saves you time and money and makes life much easier.

Putting a baseboard cover on from NeatHeat is beneficial for a host of reasons: not only are the covers low cost and easy to install, but they’ve also been specifically designed to be easy to maintain over time.

Since the main issues are rust, dents, and scratches, NeatHeat designed covers with a composite polymer, which won’t rust or dent or show scratches easily due to a continuous color.

How Can NeatHeat Benefit your Home?

They’ve also been modified in such a way that they don’t yellow, fade in color, or take thermal damage as most polymers do, meaning there are no real downsides to the material used in NeatHeat’s covers. All you’ve got to do is snap the covers right on over the existing baseboard, even if the covers are damaged or missing parts.

In fact, as long as you have the back plate and clips as two attaching points, NeatHeat snaps right on over your existing baseboard. Using NeatHeat means putting a baseboard cover on is the easiest option for installation, but maintenance is really easy too.

All you’ve got to do to clean your covers is use household products, and painting is easy with a spray paint for polymers. For more about putting a baseboard cover on from NeatHeat, click here.