How can the Price of Baseboard Heaters Renovation be Decreased?

What is the price of baseboard heaters, and how can covers from NeatHeat save you money?

price of baseboard heatersAny gasfitter will tell you that redoing your baseboard heaters is one of the more frustrating renovations to deal with. The price of baseboard heaters themselves is expensive enough, but renovating your baseboard can be very time-consuming and also temporary.

Baseboard goes through quite a bit of wear-and-tear, meaning it doesn’t last that long before it rusts, gets dented, scratched, and look extremely disgusting overall.

If you own a home or office, you don’t want your baseboard looking dilapidated, especially considering how important the baseboard is to the overall look of every room.

To redo your baseboard, you have to take apart each individual part of a strip of baseboard and get to work cleaning off rust, repainting, and doing whatever you can to get the baseboard looking good again.

Unfortunately, most work you can do to baseboard won’t make much of a difference, meaning you either take the time to make the baseboard look abysmal or pay the price of baseboard heaters replacement.

Using Baseboard Covers


Dealing with your baseboard can be incredibly frustrating either way, costing you both time and money, which is why looking into alternatives can be beneficial. For example, using baseboard covers can cost you much less money while getting your baseboard looking much nicer overall.

Of course, not just any baseboard cover will do; you need one that’s easy to install, maintain, and effectively covers up or replaces your baseboard. NeatHeat covers are an effective option for a host of reasons: saving you time, money, and making your baseboard look much better overall.

For starters, you don’t need all of your baseboard to install NeatHeat. Some baseboard is so degraded that the front plate is either useless or missing, and NeatHeat is designed to cover up your baseboard even if you’re missing the plate.

In fact, all you need is the clips and the back plate, and NeatHeat covers can snap right on. They’re very easy to install, with every piece you need easy to snap on and off for whatever you need, and any pieces that are too long can be cut with a hacksaw or exacto-knife.

How do NeatHeat Covers Work?

NeatHeat heater covers are made of a composite polymer, so they do not rust, dent, or chip, and their continuous white color means they do not show scratches easily.

They also consist of titanium dioxide, so they never yellow or fade in color over time, making them a fairly permanent replacement for your baseboard.

In addition, NeatHeat covers are very easy to paint with any spray paint used for polymers found at a hardware store: all you have to do is snap the pieces off and quickly spray the parts in your garage to get them looking the way you want.

The Price of Baseboard Heaters Renovation

NeatHeat is also extremely easy to clean; any household products will take anything right off the covers, making your life much easier when it comes time to clean the house.

NeatHeat covers do not melt or offset gas well below the normal temperature of the home, and they do not cause any problems as far as the heat flow in the home.

In fact, NeatHeat covers can improve convection as a way to put heat in your home!

NeatHeat is the optimal choice for any homeowner looking to deal with their baseboard, making the price of baseboard heaters renovation extremely manageable.To learn more about the price of baseboard heaters covers through companies like NeatHeat, click here.