Hydronic Baseboard Heater Covers from NeatHeat can change Home Renovations for You

What do hydronic baseboard heater covers do to improve the setup of your home if they’re from NeatHeat?

hydronic baseboard heater coversOne of the jobs of the gasfitter involves making sure your air conditioning is running effectively, and many companies lend out services to install and repair heaters and other parts of your A/C system.

However, one problem that always stumps gasfitters is when homeowners ask for a permanent way to fix their baseboard heaters cosmetically, because there’s no real renovation you can do to physically stop the heaters from accumulating rust, dirt, and filth within months of cleaning or repainting.

You can spend hours taking apart all of the different pieces on each strip of baseboard in your home, clean them all or repaint them, and put it all back together, and all of that time and effort will be for naught within a few short months. The alternative that many people are looking into is hydronic baseboard heater covers, because there’s no easy way to renovate your hydronic heaters.

Putting a cover on has other benefits and is a quick fix as far as a renovation, but of course you want a cover to suit your needs. For instance, baseboard heaters tend to look outdated even at their newest, so hydronic baseboard heater covers with that sleek, fresh new look can add more to any room in your house cosmetically.

Using Baseboard Covers to your Advantage

Plus, covers are much easier to both install and maintain, because cleaning involves just popping the covers off which can take seconds versus dismantling your entire baseboard system. Hydronic baseboard heater covers also act as a protective filter because baseboard heaters are both sharp and tend to absorb heat, and a cover can act as an insulator and be designed without sharp edges and such.

The question is, where can you get hydronic baseboard heater covers that solve all of these problems for you and more? The answer is NeatHeat, a company that works to specifically design heater covers to suit hydronic baseboard heaters appropriately.

The covers are made of a uniquely designed composite polymer, so they’re never going to rust, chip, dent, and don’t easily show scratches due to their continuous white color. Plus, NeatHeat covers are heat treated to not melt or offset gas well below home’s operating temperatures, and they are altered with titanium dioxide so they won’t fade or yellow in color over time.

Reasons you should be Using NeatHeat’s Hydronic Baseboard Heater Covers

NeatHeat’s covers have a much newer look to them and can actually add to the look of a room versus baseboard heaters, which tend to do the opposite. Plus, NeatHeat’s hydronic baseboard heater covers are easily paintable and cleanable.

All you do is pop off the pieces and either use standard household cleaners or spray paint used for polymers to get the job done. Installation is also simple, because everything snaps right into place.

If a piece is too short, there are splice plates that can be used; pieces that are too long can be easily cut using a chop saw or hack saw. If the floor was installed after the baseboard and the end caps sit too low, they are designed so you can score and snap off a ½” or 1” from the bottom if necessary.

With hydronic baseboard heater covers from NeatHeat, you also get a safety cover in case you have children or are just sick of scratching yourself or hurting yourself on baseboard heaters. The covers act as insulators and provide the heat through convection instead of absorbing and transmitting the heat, and they don’t have any sharp edges.

With NeatHeat, you get your money’s worth out of your baseboard covers. To learn more about the best hydronic baseboard heater covers on the market, click here.