How to Renovate your Base Board using NeatHeat

Homeowners need to be informed of the easiest methods when it comes to how to renovate your base board.

how to renovate your base boardOwning a home is no easy job as you’ve got a lot to get done and only have so much time to pull it off. Redoing your home is always going to either cost you a lot of money or take up a lot of time, and finding the proper balance between how much you spend and how much time you take to do the work is important.

For instance, say you’ve got a room in your home that you want to entirely redo: repaint the walls, redo the flooring, clean the baseboard, and any other miscellaneous tasks that arise.

Repainting is something that could be done by a contractor, but if you’ve got experience painting and have the time to do the job yourself, why not? You save yourself a lot of money and can guarantee that the job is done well.

How do Home Reworks Work?

However, if you’re planning on putting carpet in the room and have no idea how to do it, you’re probably better off hiring a contractor. It can consume a lot more of your time to stumble your way through this work, and there’s no guarantee it’ll be done efficiently on your first try.

Balancing out cost versus time is important with the endgame in mind of a long term, good looking renovation. However, when it comes to the base board in that room, you might think the renovation is easy but it’s guaranteed to be complicated.

You have to take apart each piece of metal from the baseboard, clean off all of the parts, and put it all together. Cleaning the rust can be annoying but is doable, but taking care of dents and scratches is another matter entirely.

Doing the work yourself is time consuming and has no longevity because in a few short months the baseboard will rust again, get bumped into, and damaged in other ways, and you’ll have to do the same time consuming renovation.

How to Renovate your Base Board Permanently

You want a permanent renovation for your baseboard, but gasfitters and homeowners alike don’t know how to renovate your base board in a way that provides longevity. The key is a baseboard cover, because the cover can effectively replace the vast majority of the metal in your base board system and looks a lot better versus the outdated base board heaters.

Figuring out how to renovate your base board is easy with NeatHeat, because their covers are made of a composite polymer so they won’t take damage the way metal baseboard does. A NeatHeat cover doesn’t rust, chip, dent, or show scratches easily, and they have been designed with titanium dioxide to not yellow or lose their color over time.

In addition, they’ve been designed as a thermal insulator to not melt or offset gas well below the operating temperatures of a home. In fact, NeatHeat covers acting as an insulator means your heat flow comes through convection rather than the metal conducting the heat, which many homeowners agree regulates heat better in larger spaces.

Determining how to renovate your base board has never been easier with NeatHeat as the covers save you time and money and make your life a lot easier; to learn more about using NeatHeat, click here.