How to Renovate Baseboard Quickly and Effectively

Homeowners are always looking for the best solution as far as how to renovate baseboard; what does NeatHeat do for you?

how to renovate baseboardBeing a residence owner means spending a good percentage of your free time on some kind of home renovation, whether it’s something minor like cleaning or a major re-haul of your home.

Since your average homeowner works fulltime, odds are they are spending nights and weekends on getting jobs done like general cleaning of the house, painting, redoing tiling, renovating the bathroom, and any other tasks the homeowner may need to pull off. A homeowner’s time is valuable, but the homeowner can and will put quite a bit of their own time into home renovations instead of hiring someone else to save on money.

To pull this off, a homeowner needs to know how to do home renovation work effectively because they need the renovation to last as long as possible. A good renovation lasts a long time before needing to be redone, especially when you’re first to sink a lot of time into it.

For instance, if you paint a room in your house it will take quite a bit of time, but you won’t have to repaint that room again for years. The same can’t be said for baseboard heaters, which are a time sink when it comes to renovation work but do not last long before getting incredibly disgusting.

What are the Challenges to Renovate Baseboard?

Homeowners are always trying to figure out how to renovate baseboard but unfortunately there’s no simple way to pull it off when physically altering the state of the baseboard heaters. You’ve got to uninstall the metal parts off each strip of baseboard in your home, clean them off, and put it all back together.

There’s baseboard lining the walls in most rooms in a home, so just uninstalling and reinstalling each and every piece will end up taking quite a bit of time, and cleaning rust, dents, and scratches off of your baseboard is not an easy task. It’s tough to figure out how to renovate baseboard if you’re trying to physically alter the state of your baseboard; you’re better off using a heater cover.

A heater cover can be much easier to install or uninstall on your heater, meaning if you want to maintain or renovate it over time, all you’ve got to do is pop the cover off and do the necessary work. NeatHeat goes the extra mile, because their baseboard covers resist 95% of the problems that heaters have like oxidation and dents.

How to Renovate Baseboard Using NeatHeat

NeatHeat covers are made of composite polymer, so they don’t rust, chip, or dent, and they’ve been designed differently from standard polymers to take the thermal conditions of the home. They also have been designed to not yellow or fade over time, meaning they can last quite a long time and only require minimal maintenance to clean off.

NeatHeat’s covers make it incredibly easy how to renovate baseboard, because all you need to do is snap the covers right on over the existing baseboard even if parts of the baseboard are damaged or missing. In fact, as long as you have the back plates and lower clips to support the covers on either side, you can easily install NeatHeat’s covers.

Any maintenance work you do on your covers is very straightforward as all you’ve got to do is snap the covers off and use either household cleaners or spray paints for polymers to clean or repaint, respectively. NeatHeat’s covers provide you an easy solution on how to renovate baseboard; to learn more, click here.