How to Renovate Base Board without Wasting Time

Most homeowners don’t know how to renovate base board without it being time consuming or frustrating. How can NeatHeat help?

how to renovate base boardOwning a home is considered to be one of the best advantages of adulthood, as you get to have your own property and space to call yours. However, owning a home is not all pure bliss, as you’ve got to put in a lot of effort to make sure your home retains its cosmetic and fiscal value.

Juggling work and other personal responsibilities while finding free time to relax can be difficult as is, but when you’re throwing the constant home renovations into the mix, it makes things a lot more complicated. The trick homeowners go for is spending their weekends or days off getting these renovations completed during the day.

Not all renovations are your responsibility as odds aren’t good that you know how to do every single thing involved with home care, so in those cases you hire a contractor. Saving yourself time is a valuable commodity, even if it means you spend a little money.

Time versus Money in Home Renovation

Balancing how much you spend versus how much time you spend on your home reworks is important; after all, your end goal is to get the best possible renovation. If you’re a pretty good painter, there’s no reason to hire someone to paint; but it’s probably not smart to get on the roof and redo all the shingling if you’ve never done it before.

It’s all about knowing what’s best for your home: you want the longest lasting renovation, and if you do a subpar job on a renovation or your contractor does, it’s not going to be worth the time/money you spent to get the work done.

Time versus money gets thrown out the window when it comes to base board, because whether you hire a gas fitter or spend time on the base board yourself, it’s going to take a long time to renovate and it won’t have longevity to it.

Why is base board such a time consuming, low reward process? The base board surrounding the heating element are made of metal, so oxidation is going to happen quickly, especially in the winter.

Plus, base board lines the walls along the floors in most rooms in a home, so they get ignored and bumped into easily, causing dents and scratches. Anyone who’s tried to get rid of this kind of damage on metal knows it can be a lengthy process.

How to Renovate Base Board in a Way that is Long-lasting

So if the base board has a time limit before it gets disgusting and it’s so time consuming to renovate, why not just throw a cover over the base board? Or better yet, get rid of the metal parts entirely?

NeatHeat’s covers can snap right on over your baseboard or effectively replace most of the metal parts that make up your base board. NeatHeat covers are made of a composite polymer so they’re not going to take any of the damage that metal base board will take.

This means they don’t rust, chip, dent, or scratch easily, and unlike most polymers they don’t melt or offset gas well below the operating temperatures of the home. In addition, they’ve been designed with titanium dioxide to ensure they will not yellow or fade in color over time.

Trying to figure out how to renovate base board is no easy feat, but with NeatHeat it gets easy as the covers act as a more permanent, easy-to-handle renovation in your home. To learn how to renovate base board with NeatHeat, click here.