How to Fix a Base Board in Less than a Minute

Most homeowners don’t know how to fix a base board quickly: the solution is using a cover.

how to fix a base boardBeing a homeowner means spending a lot of your free time doing house work like cleaning, cooking, gardening, and landscaping, along with some larger renovation tasks like painting and such. Most homeowners engage in the easier house work regularly, but larger renovation work is unique in the sense that it’s time-consuming but lasts a long time.

The benefit to spending a weekend painting rooms in your home is that you’re unlikely to paint again for years, making the time you put in worth the effort. Likewise, if the tile in your bathroom is looking subpar and you hire a contractor to get the job done, it’s going to last a while, meaning that contractor is worth every penny.

Whether you hire someone to do renovation work for you and do the jobs yourself, the goal is that the renovations get done in as effective a manner as possible. A well-done renovation will last a long time without deteriorating, look good, and instill value into your home.

The Cons of Home Renovation

The problem with home renovations is balancing what you pay for and what you spend time on. After all, you’re a homeowner with a full time job and a laundry list of other responsibilities to take care of.

There are a lot of home renovations that aren’t so straightforward for homeowners, which means you’ve got to be smart and figure out the best solution for getting the job done. A great example is base board heating, because most gas-fitters will tell you that base board is just always going to be an obnoxious renovation.

The problem is that you’ll end up spending the vast majority of a weekend reworking all of the baseboard in your house, only for it to oxidize and take other forms of damage within a short period of time, making the time you spent feel wasted.

To clean base board, you’ve got to take apart each and every strip of base board in the home, including taking parts off the wall, and tackle the rust, dents, scratches, and other forms of filth that base board can and will attract.

Many homeowners get frustrated when trying to figure out how to fix a base board without spending so much time, but unfortunately there’s no real solution for physically redoing your base board. So why not replace or cover your base board instead?

How to Fix a Base Board using NeatHeat’s Reconditioning System

Many homeowners have the same initial thought: “Why cover up my base board?” There are a lot of reasons why it’s a smart choice, as the right cover will snap on and off and make the cleaning of the baseboard much simpler.

A well-designed cover, like NeatHeat’s cover, is made of a material that won’t rust, chip, or dent unlike your base board, and is also easy to clean and paint. NeatHeat’s covers can actually be spray painted or cleaned with house products, meaning it’s only going to take you seconds to clean off a NeatHeat cover.

The other big benefit to NeatHeat is the covers can actually replace your base board. If you take off everything surrounding the heating element except the back plate (which the heating element bolts to) and the clips below the element, NeatHeat’s covers can grip onto both and act as a replacement for your base board.

NeatHeat’s covers make figuring out how to fix a base board simple, because they’re a nice, easy way to improve the look of your home while saving you time and money in the long run. To learn more, click here.