How to Cover your Heating System as an Easy Renovation

Do you know how to cover your heating system in such a way that saves you time and money?

how to cover your heating systemAnyone who owns a house knows that the work doesn’t end with the purchase of the home; there’s so much to do to get your home looking good that needs to be done on a constant basis. Homeowners spend a lot of their free time, especially weekends, doing work that varies from your basic cleaning tasks to gardening or more complex renovations that need to be done.

The more savvy homeowners know how to do a lot of these renovations themselves or teach themselves how to do the renovation, since hiring a contractor can be expensive (and sometimes, a necessity).

The endgame of any renovation you do is that they look good and last as long as possible, or else you wasted your time for something that doesn’t provide much of a reward. A good paint job can last years, while a bad one will start chipping and having problems very quickly, so it’s important to do a good job the first time.

The Challenges with Baseboard Heaters

What happens when a renovation doesn’t have this longevity though? Of course, most house work is on a short timer (gardening, weeding, house cleaning) but they are also easier, less strenuous tasks compared to some of the tougher renovations homeowners have to deal with.

Most homeowners may initially chalk up baseboard heaters as an easy clean, as they tend to get a little rusty and covered and dust. However, it’s not easy to get rust off of metal heaters that you can’t quite fully clean.

To effectively clean a baseboard heater, you’ve got to take them apart strip by strip, clean off all the rust, do what you can to deal with dents and scratches, and put it all back together. Heaters are essentially right in the corner, so they are easy to miss and get kicked and bumped into all the time, producing damages that you can’t just clean off with a spray bottle and cloth.

How to Cover your Heating System the Right Way

All in all, homeowners can consume the better part of a weekend trying to rework all of their home’s baseboard heating, only to find that the covers attract damage and will just get rusty and disgusting in a couple months. The better solution is to place a cover over your baseboard heating system, as covers that are easy to install and uninstall can save you a lot of time and money.

So how to cover your heating system in a way that’s time and cost effective? Easy, the solution is to use NeatHeat’s baseboard heating covers, made of composite polymer to never rust, chip, or dent.

They snap right on over your existing baseboard, even if parts are damaged or missing, so installation and removal is a breeze, and they save you time and money in the long run as a renovation. In addition, if you want to clean your cover all you need is household cleaning products and you can remove any dirt or filth instantly.

NeatHeat’s covers are designed to be the optimal baseboard reconditioning system. To learn more about how to cover your heating system, click here.