How to Cover your Heater in Seconds using NeatHeat

Learning how to cover your heater instead of trying to repair it can save you time and money and make home renovation much simpler.

how to cover your heaterEvery smart homeowner knows that finding the quickest, easiest, most efficient ways to do home renovations can be incredibly beneficial for them in the long run.

Homeowners simply cannot invest a lot of time in their house tasks as they’ve got full time jobs and other responsibilities, so their options are to drag out the work for weeks at a time until they free up opportunities to do the work, or to hire a contractor to do the work instead.

The problem here is that hiring contractors is expensive and cannot be done on a constant basis, so clever homeowners will leave that for when there are renovations they cannot handle, and they resort to timing their reworks properly.

For instance, if they know they’ve got 3 days off in a row, they’ve save some lengthier tasks for then and get the entire job done in that span of time.

How do Home Renovations Work?

Most work in the house falls under categories of being easy to do and having to be redone more consistently (like cleaning the house or gardening) or being complex in nature and having a longer lifespan (like painting, fixing tiles in a bathroom, etc).

So what happens when you’ve got to deal with base board, which can take the better part of a weekend to redo but also has a short lifespan before needing to be redone?

The reason this is occurs is because base board parts are made of metal which will rust quickly, dent easily, and scratch constantly, and none of these deformities are easy to remove. In fact, since the base board pieces surround the heating element, you’ve got to remove the base board piece by piece and strip by strip to actually clean off all of the rust and remove the dents and scratches.

No homeowner wants to invest the majority of their weekend on a renovation like this just to have to redo it in short span of time, especially since redone base board tends to not look so great anyhow. The better solution is to use a cover, but figuring out how to cover your heater in a way that looks good and makes life easier can be difficult.

How to Cover your Heater and Save Time and Money

The solution is NeatHeat, base board covers made of a composite polymer that are designed to snap right on and off your base board in seconds. NeatHeat’s covers are not going to rust, chip, or dent, and they will not show scratches easily due to their continuous white color.

Since they are composite, they won’t yellow or fade in color over time, and they are thermally insulated to not melt or offset gas well below the operating temperatures of your home.

Since they snap on so easily, you can pop them right off if you want to clean or repaint them, and polymer is cleanable with household products and paintable with spray paint.

NeatHeat’s covers consist of six and four foot pieces that can be cut with a hack saw or chop saw or extended with a splice plate along with inside corners and end caps to hold everything securely in place.

With NeatHeat, your base board renovation becomes quick and easy and you have one less rework to deal with. To learn more about how to cover your heater in seconds, click here.