How can you Renovate your Base Board in Seconds?

What are the challenges in dealing with your base board heater, and how can you renovate your base board with NeatHeat?

How can you Renovate your Base BoardWhen the winter rolls around and the heating bill starts to increase, every homeowner knows there’s going to be a lot of cleaning and home renovation to be done. Base board is a common renovation that needs to be done because when you’re producing a lot of heating energy, chances are things are going to get filthy fast.

Base board that uses a hot water heater is no exception, because the heating elements that produce your air conditioning are protected by all metal, meaning the more heat you’re producing, the faster your base board will rust.

Since rust creeps all about the metal parts, you can’t really effective clean the metal base board without taking apart the entire strip and scrubbing all of the rust off. Most homeowners aren’t just dealing with rust, unfortunately.

Base board covers attract dust and other kinds of filthy easily, and many homeowners have to deal with dents and scratches that form when homeowners bump into and kick the heaters.

How does Base Board Renovation Work?

To renovate your base board, you end up taking apart all of the base board, strip by strip, cleaning off all of the parts, and putting it all together again. This can overall take up the better part of a weekend to complete, and the problem is the base board will just get disgusting again.

Rust is a constant, and homeowners find that other forms of damage are easy to incur with the formable metal base board. So how can you renovate your base board if constantly cleaning it provides little to nothing in terms of a good renovation?

The trick is a base board cover; or something that snaps right on over the heating element and can either cover up or effectively replace the metal base board. The covers would need to be able to handle heat without impeding the heat flow in your house, be easy to clean, and not take as much damage as metal.

How can you Renovate your Base Board with NeatHeat?

The solution when you’re trying to figure out how can you renovate your base board is NeatHeat, covers specifically designed to make your life easy while getting your base board looking good. The secret is the covers are made of a composite polymer, meaning they don’t rust, chip, dent, or show scratches easily.

In additional, they’ve been designed with titanium dioxide specifically so they won’t yellow, fade in color over time, or take thermal damage. The covers are very easy to maintain over time because they snap right on and off the base board cover in seconds.

This means if you want to clean the covers you just pop them off; household cleaners will do the job in seconds, making the renovation simple. Plus, the covers can be repainted to any color you want using a spray paint for polymers found at your average hardware store.

NeatHeat covers snap right on over your base board even if parts are damaged or missing, meaning they can effectively replace the metal in your base board heating system.

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