How can Heater Covers Improve the Look of your Home?

What are the problems with using baseboard heaters, and how can heater covers assist you?

how can heater coversBeing a homeowner is one of the biggest responsibilities you can have; after all, homeowners already have to spend 40 hours a week paying for the house, and then they get to spend all sorts of additional time doing maintenance work to keep the house in good shape.

Your house needs to look good as consistently as possible; not only for cosmetic reasons, but also to keep the value of the home high as long as possible. This isn’t easy though; your average homeowner works 8 hour days on weekdays and do not have much time to get anything done at night.

This means those 48 hour weekends are reserved for getting as much maintenance work done as possible, from house cleaning to gardening to bigger renovation projects. At the end of the day, your time becomes very valuable, which is why many a homeowner will hire an outside contractor to get some of the work done for them.

How do Baseboard Reworks Work?

While this has its benefits, there are downsides considering contractors are so expensive. Financially, the smarter option is to do the work yourself, but saving yourself time is very important for a host of reasons.

All in all, the end result needs to be that the work you do provides a good looking, long lasting renovation. After all, what’s the point of spending time on your home if the work you do won’t even last more than a couple months?

This is the issue with baseboard heaters, a renovation that can take up your weekend and barely last a handful of weekends before getting ugly again. Baseboard heaters are on a ticking clock because they produce heat energy that is constantly conducted by metal, producing rust within a short period of time.

How can Heater Covers Solve your Baseboard Problems?

To make matters more frustrating, baseboard heaters get bumped into all the time since they are easy to miss, so dents and scratches are common. Taking apart the entire set of baseboard in a home, getting rid of all the damage, and putting it back together is frustrating enough, but when it needs to be redone within a short range of time, this makes matters much worse.

So how can heater covers be an easier, better solution? A heater cover snaps right on over the existing baseboard, so even if they take damage, removal can be much easier for cleaning/repainting.

Heater covers can be designed to not take damage the way your metal baseboard does, and they can provide a better look. After all, metal baseboard has an outdated, clunky look to it.

What is NeatHeat?

The answer is NeatHeat: baseboard covers made of a composite polymer that don’t rust, chip, or dent, and they are designed as a thermal insulator to not yellow or fade in color over time.

NeatHeat’s covers snap right on over your baseboard, so even if that front plate is damaged or missing, you can still use NeatHeat! Their covers are easy to clean and repaint, so if you want to do either you simply pop the covers off and use household cleaners or spray paint for polymers, and the job is done in minutes.

Many homeowners want to know how can heater covers really benefit them, and with NeatHeat the answer is simple: they save you time, they save you money, and they look good doing it! To learn more about how can heater covers from NeatHeat improve your home, click here.