How are Heater Covers Easy to Use?

What is the ideal renovation for baseboard heaters? How are heater covers easy to use?

how are heater covers easy to useHot water baseboard heaters have always been a challenge for homeowners to deal with. Many homes provide heat through the heating elements protected by baseboard heaters and these line the walls along the floor in most rooms in the home.

With baseboard heaters being everywhere in your home, any work you do to keep your baseboard heaters in good shape ends up being time consuming. To do any work to your heaters, you’ve got to take apart each strip of baseboard piece by piece to be able to work on the back plate, and that takes time.

Homeowners will generally clean their heaters, repaint them, or just replace them, none of which are easy paths. Cleaning takes time because heaters get rusted, dented, and scratched, and all of this damage is high maintenance.

Why is Baseboard Renovation so Challenging?

Painting isn’t as simply as getting a can of spray paint for baseboard heaters; you’ve actually got to take the time to make sure the paint job is clean and smooth. If you replace all of the heater parts you don’t have to spend any time, but you do end up spending a decent amount of money to get the job done.

No matter what path you take, once you put everything together, the job’s done and there’s nothing more to worry about- or so many homeowners think. Instead, they find that within a few months, the heaters have oxidized and are covered in rust, they’ve gotten dusty, dented, scratched, and damaged, and all of that work you did to clean them was essentially for naught.

Homeowners struggle with fixing their hot water baseboard heaters because any renovation path they take means they spend time and/or money for a couple months of clean baseboard heaters. The recent alternative that has homeowners intrigued is simply putting a cover on your heaters, but how are heater covers easy to use compared to cleaning or repainting the heaters?

How are Heater Covers Easy to Use?

Is covering up your baseboard heaters the smart move? The answer is yes as long as you have the right cover, and this is where NeatHeat comes into play.

NeatHeat baseboard covers are made up of a composite polymer, so they’re never going to rust, chip, dent, or show scratches, solving the vast majority of homeowner’s problems right off the bat. In addition, they are incredibly easy to install; all of the pieces pop on or off in seconds, making life much easier.

NeatHeat consists of six foot and four foot pieces, which can be extended with a splice plate or cut using a hack saw or chop saw. The inside corner pieces and right and left end caps finish the entire system off, making NeatHeat look good while keeping all of the pieces firmly  onto the baseboard.

Many homeowners want to know how are heater covers easy to use, and with NeatHeat even the renovations are simple. If the pieces get dirty or you decide a repainting is in order, all you need is household cleaners and a spray paint for polymers, and you’ll get the job done.

NeatHeat baseboard covers install in a snap, are easy to maintain, and are inexpensive, making them the ultimate solution for homeowners that are looking to get their renovations done. To learn more about how are heater covers easy to use for homeowners and how NeatHeat can help, click here.