Getting NeatHeat’s House Heater Cover

How can a good house heater cover improve the look of your baseboard?

house heater coverWith homeowners, it’s always important to keep the entire place in as good shape as possible, both indoors and outdoors. Maybe you’re having important company over or need to sell the house, but no matter what the reason, homeowners always benefit from keeping the house in top shop 24/7.

From getting the home painted to getting tiling and carpet redone, there are quite a few large jobs homeowners need to accomplish. However, the advantage of most of that work is that it last years and years before ever needing to be redone.

Homeowners don’t need to repaint rooms or redo tiling on a yearly basis, and that’s incredibly convenient in the long run. Jobs that almost constantly need to be done are fairly frustrating for homeowners, especially if they take a long time to accomplish.

Why do Baseboard Cause Homeowners Such a Headache?

This is the struggle with having a baseboard, because the heater gets covered in rust and dirt within months of any renovations you do for them. Taking the time to do this work becomes much more annoying because of this, because taking time to do the same work over and over again the same year is not ideal work.

Homeowners don’t want to spend time doing renovations that have no longevity to them; they want an efficient, long-lasting solution to their baseboard issue. This is where having a house heater cover can come into play, giving homeowners the ability to provide a better look to their baseboard.

Plus, dealing with a baseboard cover is much easier over time, making renovations a breeze and saving you both time and money when you rework your house in the future.

What does NeatHeat’s House Heater Cover do to Benefit You?

With a house heater cover from a company like NeatHeat, you can do just that, making your life incredibly simple when it comes to reworking your baseboard.

NeatHeat is incredibly easy to install, as all of the parts snap on and off easily, do not rust, chip, or dent, and can be easily cleaned and repainted. The secret is that NeatHeat makes their parts out of a composite polymer, which will not rust or show scratch marks easily.

In addition, they have been chemically treated with titanium dioxide to never yellow or fade in color, and they do not melt or offset gas well below the operating temperatures of a home.

Installing NeatHeat’s Products in your Home

NeatHeat products consist of a six foot piece, four foot piece, inside corner, left/right end caps, and a splice plate. The pieces that are too long can be cut easily using a hack saw or chop saw, and pieces too short can be extended with the splice plate.

Pop on the inside corner and the end caps, and the entire set is complete. If the end caps are too long because the floor was installed after the baseboard, they can be scored and snapped a half inch or full inch higher than their standard height.

NeatHeat’s covers can also be easily painted; all you have to do is take apart the pieces and spray paint them with a polymer based paint found at your average hardware store.

In addition, household cleaners will easily take off any dirt that gets on the covers, meaning keeping them in good shape is simple and takes minutes.

NeatHeat’s home heater cover system is incredibly simple and has the ability to make your life easy. To learn more about the Neatheat house heater cover, click here.