How can a Hot Water Baseboard Cover System from NeatHeat save you Time and Money?

Keeping your hot water baseboard looking good throughout the house can be difficult; how can NeatHeat make your life easier?

hot water baseboardAny gasfitter or residence owner will tell you that the most disgusting thing in any homes is almost always the baseboard, especially in rooms like the bathroom. A hot water baseboard produces enough energy to regulate temperature throughout the house 24/7, and the wear and tear shows.

Baseboard rusts, chips, dents, has sharp edges, and tends to look old and decayed, even when recently renovated. The challenging factor to renovating baseboard is that it’s quite a bit of work for a fairly temporary solution.

In each room with baseboard, you have to take apart the front plates, clips, back plates, and any other parts just to get to the parts. From there, you can try painting or cleaning the baseboard, but there’s no guarantee that’ll work or be a permanent solution.

Replacing your baseboard is fairly expensive, and cleaning it tends to be time consuming. Either way, you’re spending quite a bit of time and money on your baseboard renovations, and these renovations do not last long.

Hot water baseboard is always working, and within a year the baseboard is guaranteed to look its age again. Whether you’re a gasfitter working on baseboard in a home, renovating your own home or office, or just trying to handle a nasty issue in your home, baseboard often presents a dilemma.

How can you Redo the Hot Water Baseboard in your Home?

How can you make your baseboard look good in such a way that doesn’t cost as much? Plus, can you redo your baseboard and have the renovation be much more permanent?

Having to redo the baseboard every couple years is not very cost effective, and you need a better option.

That’s where hot water baseboard covers can come into play, providing anyone with the ability to avoid dealing with the bad look of baseboards in general. A cover can be much easier to install versus having to deal with taking apart the entire baseboard system and putting it back together again.

Plus, a cover can provide a sleek, newer look in any home or office considered hot water baseboard tends to look old and outdated.

Are there Downsides to a Baseboard Cover?

There are common concerns with hot water baseboard covers: one, will it reduce the amount of heat flowing through the home or do anything negative to heat?

The answer is no, because heat is energy that cannot be created or destroyed, it just flows through the home in a certain way. It can be absorbed, however, which is why a good baseboard cover is an insulator (which means it cannot absorb heat).

Another issue people have with baseboard covers is the fact that they’re covering up their disgusting baseboard instead of dealing with all of the rust and problems.

You can easily take off of the front plate on baseboard, which is where most of the issues resides, which is why a baseboard cover that only needs the back plate and clips to install can solve your issues.

NeatHeat Baseboard Covers

That’s where NeatHeat hot water baseboard covers come into play, providing anyone with an easy snap-on solution to their baseboard issue. NeatHeat covers have a new, professional look to them and are made of a composite polymer, so they don’t rust, chip, dent, show scratches, or melt or offset gas below 200.

NeatHeat covers are easy to install, and all of the parts can easily be painted or cut if needed. NeatHeat only needs the back plate and clips to install, so you don’t even need the front plate if you don’t have it or don’t want it.

NeatHeat covers are also an insulator, so they do not absorb heat but rather transmit the energy through the home via convection.

With a NeatHeat hot water baseboard cover, any room can look good permanently. To learn more about getting your hot water baseboard to look good through NeatHeat, click here.