The Benefits of a Home Base Board Reconditioning System

A home base board can be frustrating to deal with; why are heating covers the best and easiest solution?

home base boardIt’s no secret that homeowners with baseboard heaters are incredibly frustrated with their ugly, outdated heating system. Hydronic heaters are great at producing heating energy, but the metal baseboard heaters surrounding the heating element are not so great considering how quickly they cause problems for you.

It’s very common for homeowners in the wintertime to get forced into redoing their heaters because they produce so much heat energy and get rusted and dusty incredibly fast, dirtying up the heater and looking very subpar in a short amount of time.

The home base board system is tough to renovate however because to really renovate the base board, you’ve got to take apart each and every piece off of each strip of baseboard in the home, and this assembly and disassembly can take some time. The long haul is always cleaning the baseboard, because rust, dents, scratches, and the other damage that tends to be on baseboard heaters is not very easy to clean.

Renovating a Home Base Board

Since baseboard heaters are located on the floors by the wall, they tend to get unnoticed and ignored, so homeowners tend to accidentally bump into and damage them pretty quickly. The average homeowner with baseboard heater is incredibly frustrated with the fact that they have to redo their baseboard over and over, mainly because rust and heater damage accumulate fast.

Renovating the home base board is no easy feat, which is why many homeowners seek alternatives compared to physically altering the baseboard heaters. A home base board cover is a great solution for the average homeowner with a hot water baseboard heater because instead of taking all sorts of time on a very temporary renovation, you can just snap on a cover and accomplish the renovation in seconds!

A cover can also be much better looking compared to your home base board, which tends to look outdated and subpar even at its best. Baseboard covers can be physically altered to look much better without too much of a headache as well considering the removal of covers is much easier versus the removal of all of the parts of a baseboard heater.

Using NeatHeat’s Covers to Make your Home Look Great

With NeatHeat’s home base board covers, you can save quite a bit of time and money while improving the look of any room in your home. The secret is that NeatHeat’s covers are made of a custom plastic, meaning they do not rust, chip, or get dented, and they don’t show scratches easily due to their constant white color.

Of course, if you’d prefer a different color for your heater covers, you can do so easily using a spray paint for polymers found at your average hardware store. All you need to do is pop the covers off, spray the parts, and pop them right back on, because NeatHeat’s covers are just that easy to attach and remove from your home base board!

NeatHeat covers are incredibly simple to install because not only do the pieces snap on, but you can easily cut and extend pieces easily using a hack saw or a splice plate respectively.

The end caps and inside corner pieces will top the entire system off, holding all of the pieces in place, and the end caps can be scored and snapped to compensate for a higher floor or a pipe attached to the baseboard. To learn more about how easy it is to install NeatHeat on a home base board, click here.